nugget’s nature inspired nursery

This nursery thing is totally on.


After a contact paper ordeal like you would not believe (3 stores not carrying any, Walmart not carrying any that belongs in my house, and an¬† “I’m sorry, it seems that our inventory database is down” at Target all led to me almost but not completely having a pregnancy breakdown in the kitchen storage section), I finally found the paper. The paper, you guys. Sage green, white leaf pattern, and perfect.

Naturally, this was followed by giddily filling drawers with adorably microscopic onesies, which was followed by trying 4 different ways of folding onesies, which was followed by obsessively rearranging stacks of onesies and feeling so.incredibly.happy. In order to accurately picture this, you should also know that every few seconds I stepped back, surveyed my handiwork, and released a contented sigh.



See, there it is again.


Speaking of adorable and microscopic, these are Nugget’s diapers (uhm, those don’t look like diapers, Allison). Well, they’re gDiapers to be precise, which I have hailed the glories of before,¬† here. Arranging these little bloomers in this basket complete with a perfectly patterned liner took second only to the onesie brigade of earlier in enjoyability. What I’m trying to say is: I am so pumped to change some poopies!

You may or may not know this already, but DanO and I have had Nugget’s name chosen since we were shown the “boy parts” (to quote our ultrasound tech) on the black and white screen back in February. It was a name we had loved from the beginning of the pregnancy (yes, I bought one of those books), and it never had any real competitors for the #1 boy name position. So once his, ahem, ‘proof’ was there for all to see, the name was set and the next day I went out and bought letters to spell it for the nursery wall.

Oh, and his name is not actually “Nugget”. Sorry to disappoint.


It is also not WACIO, OIWAC, or ICOWA, just to save you the anguish.

I’m not ready to disclose it just yet, but maybe you can put something together based on the clues above. Unless you already know it, in which case¬† shush. Please don’t ruin the fun.

This reminds me of that game in the back of Highlights® magazines as a kid where you tried to figure out what the object was in the macro zoomed-in picture. Enjoy!

[A legible picture of his name is forthcoming. Get excited!]

6 Responses to “nugget’s nature inspired nursery”

  1. justaqt

    Found your online journal here by accident and think your nursery is super cute.
    We’re about to have our third baby and it’s going to be our first boy!
    We almost named him Micah, but decided on Noah.

  2. A

    LOVE IT. like LUUUUUUUUHV it! I cannot wait to see your nursery in person and meet your little guy. I’m glad you’re getting so excited! Nesting is in full swing I guess….

  3. Hannah

    but the name Nugget is so darn cute! Why, when he’s in school, he’d never get teased about such a name.

  4. Brittany

    Wow, it looks wonderful! Based on the letters, I’m going to guess…Champion! Where’s the cute fabric lining the Gdiaper basket from?

  5. The Olfelts

    Hey Brittany! The fabric actually came with the basket – I totally got sucked into a nursery themed set. It’s called Bunnymeadow by KidsLine and it’s sold at babiesRus. I am planning on hacking up a couple fitted sheets to use as fabric to accent the curtains though, since I couldn’t find matching pattern a.ny.where.


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