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the little preggo that could

This is all going to be very, very worth it. At least that’s what I keep telling myself this morning. I know you don’t come here to read my sob stories about how hard my life has been since my husband knocked me up, oh woe is me. Who wants to start a (4 day!)… Read more »


memorial monday merriment

I have included a special Memorial Day treat at the end of this post, but it would be no fun if you just scrolled down and spoiled it. However, I’m not your mother.¬† The choice is yours. As long as you can still live with yourself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It seems that I was misleading last week…. Read more »


best ever tuna casserole

“That’s the best tuna casserole I’ve ever had!” -DanO No, seriously, he said that last night after trying the recipe I tweaked a bit from the one in my Betty Crocker cookbook. It brought tears to my eyes. Here’s the recipe the way I made it!* *blanket statements of amazingness from spouse not included. Ingredients:… Read more »


a good way to learn a city

Ok, before I go on talking about what I was planning on, please forgive me while I whine a smidgen. WHY must maternity tops insist upon having puffy sleeves?! By all means, let’s kick pregnant women with bad fashion while they’re down. It’s not as though I don’t have enough puff going on already; why… Read more »