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lately: a smattering

Things I’ve been meaning to tell you about that have happened around these parts recently. Why good morning, Mr. handsomely rugged and unshaven husband! Could those Mickey pancakes you’re making be for me?! For Mother’s Day? Wow. Makes a pregnant girl wonder how she got so stinkin’ lucky. I channeled my mother in the kitchen… Read more »


nugget’s nature inspired nursery

This nursery thing is totally on. After a contact paper ordeal like you would not believe (3 stores not carrying any, Walmart not carrying any that belongs in my house, and an¬† “I’m sorry, it seems that our inventory database is down” at Target all led to me almost but not completely having a pregnancy… Read more »


not me! monday

That’s it. If I’m going to do this blogosphere thing properly, I’ve got to jump on at least one bandwagon. This particular bandwagon is called ‘Not Me! Monday’ and was started by the ridiculously entertaining My Charming Kids blogger who goes by MckMama. It’s a confessional of sorts… minus the whole anonymity thing, and with… Read more »