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like which there is no place

Good morning, Dr. Blogtherapy. I need to make an appointment. How much do you charge an hour? Free? Perfect. Today DanO and I did not carpool (sorry, Obama!) so that he could make it to an appointment right after work. This left me at the house this morning, taking my time to dry my hair,… Read more »


labor induction

Why I almost went into labor at work in my 31st week of pregnancy: A man I’ve never seen before snuck up behind me in my cubicle. Only, behind me in my cubicle is an entire wall of windows… to the outside. And have I mentioned that I work on the 9th floor?


it’s pregnancy awareness what?

Did you know that May is pregnancy awareness month? Me either, and you think I’d be up on these kind of things. By some tragedy, I went 12 whole days being entirely unaware of pregnancy awareness month, and I continue to be unaware of the reason that pregnancy unawareness would be an issue to which… Read more »



I bought this soap last week at Target for twice what I’ve ever paid for hand soap before. 20% of it was because of how good it smells – green tea and aloe. Yum! I feel like Mary Catherine Gallagher, smelling my hands all the time. The other 80% was for the packaging.¬† The beautiful… Read more »