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a mother’s heart

I don’t know if I’ve ever openly confessed this, but I have this goal: to have as many days as possible in a calendar year dedicated to yours truly. I’m still trying to figure out how to wiggle my way into ‘administrative professionals appreciation day’. I do a lot of administrative-type things for our home,… Read more »


as if you didn’t see this coming

Just reminiscing about where I was a week ago… and simultaneously embarassing our grown-up, birthday-boy (last week) of a friend who is a pastor and really a very mature adult. Really. Just disregard the “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” button. And the goofy grinning mouse. (ok so we talked him into this picture, but you can only… Read more »


travel in the time of swine flu

As we sat in the terminal waiting to board our stage coach in the sky en route to paradise last week, DanO and I (along with the rest of the passengers on our flight) watched in horror as the Vice President of this great, resilient, not-easily-frightened country full of brave, rational citizens told everyone to… Read more »