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Please excuse me while I climb out from under all of the traffic of fellow bloggers who visited yesterday! By some stroke of genius twist of fate total fluke, I posted a link to my blog and was the first in line on the blog of the famed Not Me Monday creator, MckMama. Then, WHAM…. Read more »


the last not me! monday of june

Here we go again. A healthy dose of honesty to start our week. The idea for the Not Me! Monday confessional was started by MckMama, whose blog can be found here. PS: Where DID June go?! I’ve dusted under the couch, cleaned out the fridge, even begun organizing the linen closet [see also: nesting], and… Read more »


on a day such as this

My mind is as scattered as these showers. You didn’t think I still lived in Oregon, did you? I didn’t either, but sometimes when I look outside and this is what I see, as was the case this morning, I have to think about it for a moment. Then a blond, be-rainbooted family of obvious… Read more »


Pearl’s nine-to-five

Three posts in a row with no good pictures, Allison? I’m sorry, are you saying my cankles and Zac Efron aren’t good? Well, I’m with you on that first one. Fine, fine. I hear ya. Here’s a day in the life of Peal, in pictures, and maybe a few words. The O My Family dog… Read more »