Please excuse me while I climb out from under all of the traffic of fellow bloggers who visited yesterday! By some stroke of genius twist of fate total fluke, I posted a link to my blog and was the first in line on the blog of the famed Not Me Monday creator, MckMama.

Then, WHAM.

I still feel a little dizzy (or is that the progesterone?) from the whirlwind of wonderful comments and love left by friends and new readers. If you left a link, I promise I will make it to each of your blogs. Blogger’s honor. Well, granted I don’t need to push a human from my body before I get to all of them. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Last night I was reveling in the warm, fuzzy feelings from the traffic, and then, with little warning, I went into a verifiable panic mode.

“DanO. LOTS of people came to my blog today. Like, LOTS!”

That’s great babe!”

“BUT WHAT IF THEY COME BACK TOMORROW EXPECTING SOMETHING COOL? What if I have nothing to give them?! What if I can’t cough up something witty or charming or beautiful or interesting enough for them to like me?!

This continued for a little while (again, progesterone) until it morphed into me, running around the house cleaning and arranging things just so with the intention of posting something about our home. Tilt this frame 30° clockwise, dust off that lamp shade.

We might as well have been hosting Prince William at our house.

Wait a second.


I knew he looked familiar.

All these antics started giving me contractions (but not the real kind… the “pretend but still dutifully uncomfortable” kind, just to clarify) so I decided it was best to 1) take deep abdominal relaxing breaths as my doula would suggest and 2) stay calm and be myself.

Myself is a rather unfinished concept, though.

A not quite finished pregnancy:


(Well hello, outie bellybutton that not even clothes can contain! Glad you could make it.)

A closer-than-it-looks-to-being-finished-I-swear laundry room:


Beds I haven’t finished making:


A photo collage that has needed just those last 2 pictures for longer than I’d like to admit:


Mail I haven’t finished going through:


A hospital bag I haven’t finished packing:


What, you still haven’t perfected the nursery?:


Nope, still working on finishing that, too.

And this post? This post will not quite be finished to my liking either. Why? Because as I’m writing it, Prince William DanO is asking me to come read with him and cuddle, and it’s quite clear to me that all of these superfluous, unfinished things can wait.

I have a nerdy sci-fi book to finish with Nugget’s daddy, if you’ll ‘scuze me.

11 Responses to “finishing”

  1. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too

    I had to LOL at your post about everything being unfinished. I had the same feelings when I was having preterm labor issues with my firstborn. Well, he came early, so I never really got it all done…2 kids and 4 1/2 years later, there are things (like the three room renovations that we had planned) that have not been finished yet!
    Just let the little things slide…nobody will notice!!!

  2. Joyoy


    Not to overwhelm you even more, but I couldn’t resist checking out your blog after hearing rave reviews from faithful viewers. You are too cute! I’m super excited for you…counting down the days, huh? I’ll be thinking of you, prince william, and nugget (fantastic name, btw) :)


  3. MamaB

    I just loved your post yesterday and spent a good portion of my lunch break reading some of your posts from the past! You have a great writing style! Keep it up! ;)
    I hope baby comes soon!!

  4. Kasey

    HI Allison,
    Just found your blog from My Charming Kids. Love it! How adorable and I can totally relate to you cankles! LOL! I’ll stop by more often to check in…stop by my brand new blog sometime too!

  5. Ran

    I made it in the photo collage!!!! Twice. Woot! My life is complete! :) Wait, if you include the sideways picture that I took, that’s three. Not that I’m counting.

    P.S. I have 4 picture frames on my wall that are in need of pictures. They had pictures once upon a time, but I needed to put them in my scrapbook, which is MUCH more important than the wall. Hello!

    And you’re hospital bag is way cute.

  6. Aunti Liberty

    I love this post!!! I am so proud of you for your progress on the FRAMES!!!! I saw them and thought to my self.. wait a second… SHE’S ALMOST DONE!!! I am so excited to see you and little nugget ASAP (well as soon as healthy babies are born). Ps Your diaper/hospital bag seems to be getting some use!! that makes Auntie sooo happy!!! I miss you roomie

  7. abby

    I’m really enjoying your blog! I think we’d be friends in real life:) I love your humor! I love your wall of frames! I did a small wall of frames kinda like that in my office and i just think it looks cool! And yes, my hubby and I have been married for 3 years and have never gotten our wedding pictures developed so I have two 11×14 picture frames in my living room waiting for wedding pictures! It’s sad…i actually look past them now! Maybe one day…

  8. Erin

    I caught your blog on another not me monday post… and I wanted to come back and see it again! I was so excited when I came across it this week again! I’ll be back for more… no pressure ;)

  9. Cassie


    I read your “Not Me Monday” and definitely had to come back for more!
    I was also super excited that you live in Minnesota – like me!!!!
    And, I sort of wonder why we need another senator (was disappointed too) when we’ve maybe faired okay with only one for so long?!? Why not just have another vote in November? Sillyness.

    Hope you are getting things finished! =)

  10. brittney

    Just one question, please: Can you PUH-LEASE tell me where you got that cutsie-toot bag you deemed the “hospital bag”?! I so need to get one of those. Pronto!


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