in which i am authentically phony

Can someone please explain to me why I felt the need to buy a Moby Wrap and a Miracle Blanket?

Both are $30+ items made out of nothing but cotton fabric. Well, organic cotton fabric.


They’re both also all the rage in attachment parenting circles, and if you’re really quiet, you can hear them calling my name.

Hear that?

“Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuy meeeeeeeeeeee Allison!”

And buy them I did. Online with promotion codes and free shipping coupons so I felt better about myself, but I bought them nonetheless.

You see, I set about on this parenting/pregnancy/baby adventure wanting so badly to do it the right way.¬† I didn’t register for one (or seven) of those crazy entertainment sensory bouncers because “babies don’t need all of that jazz and plastic to be happy if they never get used to it”. We’ll do cloth diapers because it will be cheaper, better for our world and baby’s skin, and baby will be potty trained earlier (nothing motivates a little one to keep their bum dry like a lack of modern chemicals that… well… keep their bum dry). We even worked hard to find a biblical name that is not already used in DanO’s family and that isn’t overly popular.

Oh yes, I am doing things the right way, there’s no question about it.

Just, please don’t look any closer.

Because, if you look closer you’ll see that we do in fact have an entertainment bouncer. It’s borrowed from friends and is stored upstairs because I plan on resorting to it when everything from tummy time to calling down the Holy Spirit have failed to calm a hysterical Nugget. Then, on top of that, we paid just a wee bit extra to get our own fancy soothing rocker chair with a wooden frame. How is it different or better? I’m really not sure, but it’s wooden and classy and screams ‘natural mama’, so I sprung for it.


Yes, it is appropriate to stop here and acknowledge my hypocrisy.


Our cloth diapers are the overpriced, high-end kind. No, seriously. They appeal to certain markets, including people who make far more than we do, who live in tiny Manhattan studios with huge Manhattan mortgages, and who are willing to pay top dollar to use the latest earth-friendly, organic product. We are, in fact, none of those things. If I were a little less of a ‘back-to-basics’ phony with a little thicker skin, I would have tried a more simple diapering system with a more reasonable price tag. I guess you could say I was sucked in by all of the Manhattan diapering glamor.


Yea, go ahead and let that one sink in: “Manhattan diapering glamor“.

And as for our not-overly-popular Bible name?


Ironically, we aren’t the only ones these days who like its “lack of popularity”.

So, am I as much of a phony as I feel like I am?


ThereIsaidit. In fact, let me say that louder, because I think it’s healthy:


That’s really all I’ve got this morning: just a little piece of humble pie to start my day.

Mmm, tasty.

6 Responses to “in which i am authentically phony”

  1. Dad

    You said to tell you, so…

    “…who like it’s “lack of popularity”…”

    “It’s” is a possessive pronoun and shouldn’t have an apostrophe.


  2. Jenny

    I found your blog somehow (from blog to blog to blog…) and am completely smitten with your adorable young family.
    Then I saw this bouncer chair and am admittedly smitten with it as well – what brand is it?? Do tell.
    (My dad frequently corrects my blog grammar too….it’s great.)
    Anyway, take care :)

    • The Olfelts

      Hi Jenny! It’s Fisher Price Brentwood collection. They have other baby things (a highchair etc.) in the same line. OBaby loves his chair!

  3. Kristen

    I just found your blog and here I am reading through the archives. I love this post!! I am so similar, and always questioning if I’m doing something because it’s (its?) the right thing to do, or if it is because something is trendy. I just had baby #3, and let me tell ya, though, you will be wanting the use of that exersaucer contraption! It’s the only way I get to shower with a crawling baby in the house.


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