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I’m going to try really, really hard to write a pregnancy update without using any words or physiology terms that will make the (one or two) male readers out there queasy.

Well, that assumes that “cervix” and “dilation” don’t make female readers queasy, which may or may not be true.

Oh shoot. I just said cervix. Scoozi.


Like it or not, things are moving along around here.

At my 34 weeks doctor’s appointment last week I shared a couple of symptoms I’ve been experiencing that concerned my doctor (see? look at that physiology term omitance! you’re welcome). She didn’t run in a panic up to the maternity ward and have me admitted or anything, but it did raise the question of whether or not Nugget is planning an early(ish) escape.

On a related note, have you ever felt a Braxton Hicks contraction? It’s called a ‘practice contraction’ but I’m not really sure what’s practice-y about your entire abdomen clenching up and becoming rock hard. And I do mean hard. Hard like convincing your husband that cloth diapers are worth it, hard. Hard like shaving your legs when 35 weeks pregnant, hard.

I digress.

So Nugget’s escape, it turns out, is beginning to announce itself (how’s that for a euphemism?), which is slightly earlier than typical. After my appointment I was told to monitor and record certain symptoms and to call Dr. J if they surpassed a set rate. I called about 18 hours later having far surpassed the rate, and Dr. J had me come in and be monitored. They hooked me up to a doppler reader (I think that’s what she called it?) and took a recording of Nugget’s heart rate and other activity for about a half of an hour. The print out kind of looked like a seismograph reading and you better believe that DanO had a blast analyzing the high-tech equipment in the room.

The great news: Nugget is cookin’ along in there, doing well and very healthy. This is the first concern when signs of an early labor are present, because sometimes baby knows s/he isn’t doing well and needs to get out of there. Praise God, that is not the case with Nugget!

And so we wait. We are slightly early enough in the pregnancy that the doctors might decide to try stop or slow labor should it officially begin, but that will only be the case for 6 more days. Anything on next Thursday or later is fair game.

Well, medically speaking it’s fair game, but…


I don’t think my doctor is taking into consideration the state of my laundry room. I mean, progress is progress: just look at all that framing and PVC plumbing.

But, if you please, disregard that pile over there.


Thank you kindly.

So it’s officially a race in O My Household: Nugget’s arrival v. DanO’s laundry room completion.

Any wagers?

6 Responses to “of progress”

  1. Cindy

    I’m pulling for DanO! But only if he hurries along, because Nuggey has a timeline. Dear Nugget, please remember the dates that I am out of town, ok? Thanks.

  2. C

    Sorry Dan-o, but I’m going with Nugget for this one. He’s got both yours -and- Allison’s stubborn genes. ;)

  3. Hannah

    I’m going with Nugget. Pretty sure that will be in just over 7 days… :-)


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