on a day such as this

My mind is as scattered as these showers.


You didn’t think I still lived in Oregon, did you?

I didn’t either, but sometimes when I look outside and this is what I see, as was the case this morning, I have to think about it for a moment.

Then a blond, be-rainbooted family of obvious Scandinavian descent walks their dog past our house saying things like “You becha” and “Doncha know”.

Nope, still in Minnesota.

(Ok, so I made up the things they were saying.)

On this gray rainy day while DanO labors over the laundry room,¬† installing the light switches and hanging sheetrock, I’m in search of things to do. First I made some fried eggs and toast for myself since DanO wouldn’t stop and eat breakfast with me (typical). You know what’s absolutely fabulous on fried eggs? Rosemary. Trust me. I learned that from a college roommate and I’ve never gone back. Yum.

Then I turn on CNN and fall asleep to reports about some king dying and everyone keeps saying things like “Thriller” and “Neverland”.

What else are gray late mornings for but napping? Nothing, I tell you.

Also, check out my new fake wedding bling:


What’s that about size 7 Allison? Three sizes up from your actual wedding ring??

I don’t want to talk about it.

Going back to my sleeping habits: I turned in my leave of absence form at work this week, my last day working before Nugget will be July 10th. I’m really looking forward to that time just being home resting and preparing. Truth is, our social calendar is too packed for Nugget to arrive until at least the 7th. Neighborhood parties, out of town visitors, tickets to a Cirque du Soleil show… no room for pushing a human out of my body this week. Check back later.

O My Dog came to lick my face approximately 2 hours after I dozed off. This was probably a good thing, because I do actually have things to do today.

Like make sure DanO eats. So I made him a sandwich and forcibly drew him up from the basement to eat it.

Then I got online to write this post and check my email, and look-ee here:


Babies R Us is having a sale on BABIES. I contemplated driving over there, but realized that one Nugget is plenty for now.

And no, that Crate and Barrel order is not bound for our house, unfortunately. It is headed to a friend that is getting married on the east coast 5 days before Nugget is due. I didn’t think we were quite going to make it out there.

See that JUUT Salonspa email just below the half-priced baby coupons? That is a reminder email about the amazing hair appointment I had last night. I wrote before about this salon (here), but every time I go, I am more in love with the concept. Technically, the stylists and colorists you see are students, but they are good students, and their ‘professors’ check their work intermittently so you can feel comfortable. They do an absolutely fabulous job, and the ambiance is entirely that of a high-class Aveda salon (which it is). I love love LOVE this place, and this time God used it to send a little blessing my way.

I originally had an appointment with the earliest level of student (because, well, they’re the cheapest), but she was sick that day and they bumped me up to an available highest level of student, still honoring the lower price. It gets better. After this girl does an absolutely fabulous job on my hair (and it turns out she’s such a high level that the profs don’t need to check her work anymore), she offers me a complimentary service coupon to use at the salon where she will now be working (since she is graduating). FREE HIGHLIGHTS YOU GUYS. She was so sweet about it too, said that I HAVE to bring in the baby and come visit her at her new salon.

Did I mention that I love this place?

Being thus highlighted, newly-blinged, and well rested, here’s my to do list for this last weekend of June [read: holy guacamole where did June go?]:

  • Finish designing Nugget’s birth announcement card so we’re ready to slap some precious newborn shots in there and mail ‘em out when it’s time
  • Sew the crib skirt I’ve been meaning to make for… oh… 9 months
  • Use my gDiapers coupons and order cloth diaper inserts
  • Help DanO stay motivated in the basement through intermittent cheerleading, feeding, and ‘you’re doing such a good job’ kisses

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