June 2009 Archives


dreams: a collection of short stories

There have been some good ones lately, folks. However, something about humidity, heat and my own general ginormousness has meant that my sleep has been markedly staccato. For my wild and epic dreams, this means that they have been less epic and more short film style. Maybe it’s just that I’m having so many epic… Read more »


excessive heat

A high of 95° with ridiculous humidity (feels like 107°) prompted a declaration of “Excessive Heat Warning” for today by whomever declares these sorts of things. ‘Check on the elderly, don’t leave your dog in the car, and have water for dinner because you won’t feel like eating anything else,‘ they said. This, in turn, prompted… Read more »


because mondays aren’t hard enough

I’ve got nothing for y’all today. Whatever I had, I lost it on the bathroom floor this morning. That’s right folks, join me in welcoming back the nausea of early pregnancy. I really thought we had sorted things out between us and decided to go our separate ways somewhere around 11 weeks… you know, a… Read more »


bounty eater

Introducing: the first box of our CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) crop share for 2009! Please, please, hold your applause. These assorted root vegetables and lettuces (as is seasonal right now) arrived in St. Paul yesterday from an organic farm in Wisconsin that we help support by buying a share (well, in this case, we’re splitting… Read more »