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the family tree of an amoeba

I almost didn’t post this today because I thought “Yesterday my post was all about me and my thoughts; I should provide a little more variety for my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet) than back to back posts about me.” But then I realized that this is my blog,… Read more »



All of this lately: remodeling laundry rooms organizing nurseries planning meals mowing lawns researching labor induction cleaning floors planning our finances basking in the sunny weather scouring craigslist cuddling with O My Dog counting braxton hicks having company over making and freezing extra meals taking naps working jobs Makes me wonder where this fits in:… Read more »


a concise not me monday

A confessional of things you could not have caught me doing last week. And if you could have caught me doing them, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone about them. That would be silly, and I would leave that kind of self-humiliation to the professional bloggers, like MckMama. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I definitely did not sleep for 12… Read more »