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in case our house burns down

Call me a complementarian (no really, please do), but when the doorbell unexpectedly rings and a couple is still in bed sleeping, I picture the husband being the one to rise and investigate. As opposed to the wife who could be, hypothetically, 8.6 months pregnant. Hypothetically. I’ve written before that the typical Saturday morning has… Read more »


until you drop

“Try to take it easy and lay low.” said Dr. J “OK, will do!” I said …while digging through my purse to check the dates on my Babies R Us coupons. Few things can make a pregnant woman shop like mentioning the words “preterm labor”.



In other news, my bellybutton has reached a new level of outie-ness this week, which kind of makes me feel like one of these: Am I done? That’s what this means, right?