Pearl’s nine-to-five

Three posts in a row with no good pictures, Allison?

I’m sorry, are you saying my cankles and Zac Efron aren’t good?

Well, I’m with you on that first one.

Fine, fine. I hear ya. Here’s a day in the life of Peal, in pictures, and maybe a few words.

The O My Family dog contemplates her day.


What’s on the docket, Pearl?


No solid plans yet, looks like.


There’s always room for making friends with the neighborhood squirrels, bunnies, and wild turkeys, though.


I know you think I’m kidding about that last one, but I’m not.

I’ll dig up the pictures of a wild turkey in our (urban) backyard and post them on here sometime.

Back to Pearl.


Awash in possibilities for her day.


There are errands to run.


Derrieres to sniff.


Too much to do really. This is her overwhelmed look.


Oh! Was that a turkey?


Alas, no. Just the mailman.


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  1. Abby

    Oh my goodness!!! My husband was reading Mckmama’s Not Me Monday and clicked on your link. (Yes, he’s cool like that…reading blogs:)) Anyway, he sent me an email (at work) with a picture of Pearl. I think Pearl is my dog, Dakota’s long lost twin sister! Is she a maltipoo? How old? Coda’s 4 and only about 6-7 lbs. She has the exact same coloring and everything! You have got to look at the pics on my blog! Anyway, the pics were so cute, that I had to find your blog to see for myself! So yes, here I am at work reading (and commenting) on blogs! Oh no! :)


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