the last not me! monday of june

Here we go again. A healthy dose of honesty to start our week. The idea for the Not Me! Monday confessional was started by MckMama, whose blog can be found here.

PS: Where DID June go?! I’ve dusted under the couch, cleaned out the fridge, even begun organizing the linen closet [see also: nesting], and I still can’t locate the darn thing. Looks like we’re barreling on through this summer, like it or not.


I did not have my husband fill an entire Nalgene bottle with one part milk, one part chai concentrate over ice for me 3 mornings last week. I did not then proceed to consume the entire contents of that bottle before the 9:00 hour 3 out of 3 mornings. This did not result in a caffeine-induced jittery feeling.


A really yummy caffeine-induced jittery feeling.

I did not have to hide my rage when a stranger at a professional development session I attended made unwarranted comments to me about my career track in reference to my pending parenthood. Hi, no one asked you for your opinion, sir. Thanks.

I did not forget to wear deodorant on an 84° day. Enough said.

The latest I’ve stayed up in a good 8 months is not 12:30am and it was not because I was watching He’s Just Not That Into You with DanO on a rainy Saturday night. I wouldn’t know but for my money, I’d guess that that’s a pretty awesome movie.*


I did not expose the people of my neighborhood to my frighteningly large and pale cankles on Sunday by laying out in the sun at our lake, hoping to change their latter characteristic.

I am not currently devouring and totally enjoying a science-fiction novel with my husband. We don’t read it out loud to each other and it’s not a super-duper nerdy book like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We of course can be found reading non-fiction books about real-estate investments, Christian living, infant care, and how to be the most amazing parents ever. Science-fiction. Bah, what a time waster.



If you have a confession or can empathize with one of mine (not that I’ve actually done any of the aforementioned deeds), I’d love to hear it! Please leave a comment!

Also, MckMama visitors – de-lurk yourselves! I really would love to come visit you… it’s not like I have anything else to do while I wait for labor to start – and who knows, maybe I’ll laugh so hard we can get things going. Any assistance you can offer is appreciated.

*: I cannot actually recommend this movie, what, with all of the non-married cohabitation and one fairly unfortunate treatment of a marriage covenant it portrays. But, if I could, I would say that it was entertaining, you know, for people who can turn off their moral compasses and allow themselves to consume non-wholesome media, which I certainly can cannot.

Ahem. Pass the Veggie Tales, please.

30 Responses to “the last not me! monday of june”

  1. Missy

    Delurking from Mckmama’s site!!! Congrats on being first! :)

    I am chomping at the bit to watch that movie…it’s on my list!

  2. Melissa

    Congrats on being 1st on Mr. Linky this week!! Don’t let people’s rude comments about your pregnancy get you down. It would seem that most people interpret a pregnant belly as the right to say what ever they want. For instance, “When are you due?” in the most horrified voice. Or, “Is it twins?” I was pregnant with my second baby. Yes, only one.
    Oh, and I loved that movie. Great NMM.

  3. Seth

    Yay Douglas Adams! Good to hear you’re reading something science-fiction(y).

  4. Shelley

    Popped over from MckMama’s site. Couldn’t resist checking out the first link. =)
    Fun Not Me post. I can relate to the pregnant caffeinated beverage craving and the accompanying jitters! Yep — guilty but worth it. And thankfully my sixth month old so far isn’t a hyper lunatic for it. It didn’t post a Not Me! Monday yet, because I just finished a different post this morning…who knows – there is still a lot of Monday left.

  5. Charisse

    I definitely did not watch a total chick flick last week. And quite possibly lose a few brain cells in the process. Gotta love NMM!!! Congrats for being first.

  6. Brittney

    Your blog is really cute! Congratulations on your babe…and I agree with Melissa.

    PS I may have to coax my husband into making that yummy caffeine concoction for me when I start school back.:]

  7. Kristen

    What a great “Not Me!” Monday post! I am totally with you about the cankles. My legs never tan, at all, ever, so when I was pregnant, I had more pasty legs to love. I almost had tears in my eyes the first time I saw my ankle bones after my daughter was born! Good luck with Nugget!

  8. LoveMom

    That movie is on my list to see as well. I will so NOT have to watch it as soon as I can. We did NOT watch Confessions of a Shopaholic this week while dealing with all the NOT ME’s I have from my sick family.

    And I so get you on the whole pasty white thing. I never tan. NEVER. I go from transparent white to patriotic (red & white) and back to transparent…bah!

  9. Melissa

    I have not been subject to the same stupid coments regarding my career and having a baby…seriously do people not think before they open their mouths. I love the forgot deodorant, I forgot to wear some one day this week and I forgot to put it on my not me’s. I blame it on the “placenta brain” phenomenon.

  10. C

    I did enjoy “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The whole series. Multiple times. I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t.

  11. It Feels Like Chaos

    Great Not Me!s Congrats on your pregnancy! I worked in the corporate world all through my 1st pregnancy and could not believe some of the comments I got. Not to mention every time I got on the elevator I could just tell all the businessmen were secretly terrified we’d get trapped in the elevator, I’d go into to labor, and they’d end up having to deliver the baby!

  12. Alicia

    I must say I stopped by to read your not me’s and fell in love with your blog! how precious and congrats on being pregnant cankles and all. :o) Your on my list of fav’s.

  13. tara

    hiya, just lurking i guess… wondered what kind of superhuman was able to score number one spot on mister linky, cant believe i didnt check for 45 minutes and came back to find myself like 170something! Praying for a speedy and safe arrival for your little one. enjoy all the free time while you still remember the meaning of the phrase! :)

  14. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too

    Happy Monday! Your list was great! I’m with you on wondering where June went! The summer is flying by! I can’t wait to see that movie! My hubby is a huge fan of Hitchhiker’s Guide and has made me read it and watch the new movie and the old one! Good luck with your upcoming arrival!

  15. Loni

    It’s too bad I’m not you because my laughter would have definitely got your labor going!! “Pass the veggie tales” BEST LINE EVER! :-)

  16. melanie

    Hopping over from MckMama’s blog. Congrats on the the baby…canckles and all. I had them bad after I gave birth both times. My ankles swelled really bad. BTW…that man should have been smacked. People should keep their mouth shut if they have nothing nice to say. =)

  17. Stephanie

    Hopping over from MckMama’s blog. With my 2nd, I absolutely made my husband bring me cherry cokes from the restaurant where he worked! I also had cankles with that baby. Great post!

  18. Samantha

    I was pregnant with my first during the summer and can totally relate to the cankles. In the end there was no difference between my ankles and legs. I guess that’s what happens when you gain 50 pounds, 30 in the last trimester alone!

  19. Heather

    How did you manage to be the first link? Way to go!!
    How exciting that your baby is almost here! I was pregnant last summer and even though I do not enjoy being pregnant, I wish it was last summer. There is NOTHING as exciting as meeting your new baby! I have 4 babies.
    I borroweed that movie from my Dad and have been meaning to watch it. Thanks for the info!

  20. Chelsie

    Hi there! I am “delurking” from MckMama’s site– Congrats on being first today! Dream come true, huh? I love, love He’s Just Not That Into You! It’s always been a favorite book and I certainly loved the movie also. Happy Not Meing!

  21. Luciep

    You are so cute!
    I love, “He’s just not that into you.” I could watch it just about every day!
    I also love chai tea…I feel slow for not thinking about buying it liquid! I have been getting tea bags…!
    Enjoy the last of June!

  22. A

    I definitely have NOT gone sans deodorant for over a month because that would be absolutely disgusting if I were to ever even consider that. And, I certainly have not been recruiting others to my go-as-natural-as-possible way of being.

    Way to go with all the popularity!! I’m still hoping you’ll be getting paid for this soon! Love you!

  23. Jana

    came from MckMama’s page!
    Loved your NOT ME post!
    Coffee during pregnancies…NOT ME…until the 3rd one…then I was tired enought with the other two a coffee every once in a while (ahem…every other morning) didn’t hurt me…not one bit. :-)

    He’s Just not that Into You was a good movie minus the bit of language the infidelity and fornication…was close to turning it off..

    Have a blessed pregnancy!! I enjoyed all three of mine!

  24. Katie

    I have walked out of my house more times than I would care to admit sans deodorant. It’s never pretty. They played He’s Just Not That Into You on a flight that I was on last week. I had been wanting to see it and, since they were playing it, I took advantage. I thought it was funny and I pretended not to be offended by the obviously offensive parts since there were 12 year olds watching, as well. Congrats on the baby AND on making the number one Mr. Linky spot this week!


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