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the birth story, part 1

I have been working on this post a lot for the last two weeks, partially because OBaby’s birth was so wonderful that I find myself fighting the urge to tell the lady behind me in the check-out at Target about it, and partially because I’m struggling to tell the story of my natural child birth… Read more »


so… how’s the weather?

Hi, my name’s Allison. You might remember me, I was a person in my own right before I had this ridiculously adorable child who scrunches up his face against his chubby arm. Nice to see you again, too! And yes, we got a new camera lens finally, months after receiving fabulous advice from these friends… Read more »


questions regarding armageddon

When does the feeling that the world is going to end every time he cries go away? In approximately how many weeks/months/years will I be able to go through the check-out lane of Target without being embarrassed that my totallycontentfivesecondsago child is now verging on hysterical? Related: Why do people in the check-out lane of… Read more »


what they don’t tell you about labor

You have a baby at the end, yes, but did you know that somewhere along the way, you also grow a third arm? I think it happens at that point when the contractions are so strong you really aren’t sure who you are, what year it is, or how the heck a former SNL cast… Read more »