accidentally a.p.

Between snacking on organic green beans dipped in hummus and popping my baby into his Moby Wrap and taking an evening stroll, it occurred to me again yesterday that I’m dancing the fine line of becoming a wanna-be hippie. Or maybe it was the cauliflower from this week’s organic crop share box that we had with dinner last night. I can’t be sure what the dead give-away was, but the signs are definitely there.

Except, like I’ve said before, I’ll only follow these “earthy” practices inasmuch as they work for our family. You won’t find me in 3 years pulling out my dreadlocks because the co-op where I purchase my bulk coconut oil has closed down.

What works within our existing lifestyle around here stays, and what doesn’t work gets sacked.

I didn’t have to read much about the Attachment Parenting style before deciding that the whole ‘co-sleeping‘ practice of AP would absolutely not fit into our present paradigm. I already have to fight my 6’2″ husband for sleeping space and covers in our queen bed, so how about we don’t add a 21 inch infant into the mix, ok?

And then we got home from the hospital.

It went a little something like this:

Baby fusses, Mommy gets up and goes to the (near by) bassinet. Baby is actually fine, Mommy goes back to her bed. Baby begins to cry, Daddy goes and gets Baby then changes his diaper. Daddy brings Baby back to Mommy who nurses Baby. Baby is done nursing so Mommy puts him back in his bassinet. An impossibly short time later, Baby fusses. He just wants to be held. Daddy goes to the bassinet and picks up Baby. Mommy and Daddy take turns holding him. When he has calmed down, Mommy takes Baby back to the bassinet.

And on it went. Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight.

Now, with all that, would you believe me if I said that DanO and I would have only had to physically get out of our bed once if it weren’t for that blessed bassinet? Once between the two of us, just to change his diaper. If OBaby had been within arm’s reach, the rest could have been done without leaving the comfort of our comforter.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say that co-sleeping couldn’t work for me? I meant to say I couldn’t possibly imagine life without it. I must have misspoken back there, because as a mother I always know what’s best for my family and I make all the right choices the first time.


We went out and bought a co-sleeper the next day.


$50 of sanity in the form one tiny little infant bed. For the love of all things practical, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

Also, our bed will probably not be made anytime in the next few millennia. Just keepin’ it real.

6 Responses to “accidentally a.p.”

  1. shelley

    yeah, i never wanted to sleep with my babies either. but our second was way more fussy and I ended up buying a co-sleeper his first week home. worked awesome for the first few weeks — couldn’t have survived without it. then I decided i wanted my space back and just put him in his crib, in the co-sleeper. worked like a charm. he felt cozy and safe and slept well. and so did we. =)

  2. abby

    love your bedroom colors! my girlfriend just got one of those co-sleepers as a hand-me-down for when her baby comes…I was checking it out the other day because I’d never seen one before. They are pretty cool!

  3. Amanda Drommerhausen

    Allison, I just LOVE Micah’s co-sleeper. My hubby and I are big AP people and are thinking about TTC! :) Sooo, I had to ask…where did you get that cosleeper!? I ADORE the color and can not find any ANYWHERE. It is quite annoying!


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