because i will want to remember this

Someone once told me that I would miss being pregnant. I think this was before they knew that I had developed a rare violently itchy pregnancy rash that covers my abdomen and thighs. Although, no one really knew about that until now because I have vowed never to complain about it.

What’s that?

Oh, I did?


From now on I will not complain about it.

Anywho, I decided that as much as I am ready to meet Nugget, I do want a record this unique moment in our family’s life: it’s just DanO, a watermelon, and me.

A warning: if you haven’t seen me in a while and I look a little different in these pictures, it’s likely because I’m holding water so well that even my nose is slightly swollen (I kid you not; cankles are for rookies). Oh, and then there’s the child growing inside my torso… that’s new too, but I figured that was kind of a given.

I present to you the O My Family Portraits 2009:¬† Pre-Nugget Edition. Taken kindly by ‘O Brother’ (DanO’s younger bro) and his bride-to-be (Look! Two mentions in two weeks!).









5 Responses to “because i will want to remember this”

  1. Lexie Loo & Dylan Too

    What adorable pictures! You look so cute!
    I had to laugh at the nose comment-my nose definitely grew during my second pregnancy! It went right back to normal within hours after birth…weird how that works!

  2. Ooms

    Your pictures are beautiful – they even created a romantic-sounding “awwww” out of this cynic. ;) I’m looking forward to meeting Nugget.

  3. shelly

    Ok, stop it with the heavy lifting! You need to put up your feet and let daddy take those tasks! Your pictures are gorgeous….you both look so happy! I pray you will have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby!


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