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more than conquerers

We totally went to church this morning with a 10 day old. We totally rocked at going to church this morning with a 10 day old… minus the ‘pay attention to the sermon’ thing. We started in the back of the main sanctuary in the seats labeled “infants and toddlers only; parents required”. OBaby slept… Read more »


the scoreboard

I had set OBaby down for a moment to go heat up the dish of last night’s dinner which DanO had put in the fridge. We learned that if DanO, who has two hands in the morning, sets aside a lunch plate for me before leaving for work, my daily task of one-handed eating is… Read more »


accidentally a.p.

Between snacking on organic green beans dipped in hummus and popping my baby into his Moby Wrap and taking an evening stroll, it occurred to me again yesterday that I’m dancing the fine line of becoming a wanna-be hippie. Or maybe it was the cauliflower from this week’s organic crop share box that we had… Read more »