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help wanted

Our first furry baby has staged somewhat of a rebellion lately in the form of conspicuous wet spots on our living room rug. Because our home didn’t have enough bodily refuse to clean up already. The real issue is the smell for heaven’s sake, the smell. OBaby’s diapers pale in comparison. What do we do?… Read more »


the winds of change

We lost the umbilical cord last night, folks. My little boy is growing up! At his newborn pediatrics appointment yesterday ::pause for the fact that I went to a pediatric doctor’s office and was not, in fact, the patient:: he was almost back up to his birth weight. I told you the guy could eat…. Read more »


wherein i am exhausted

I am definitely not firing on all cylinders today, and this is a what you see is what you get post. I’m sure each of these thoughts could be creatively woven with pictures and witty prose to become their very own posts, but on a morning when I didn’t even spell “their” correctly on my… Read more »


in time for not my child! monday

O’Baby is finally here in real human form, and I could not possibly complain about one iota of our last 4 days together. Not even the first ever diaper blow out that occurred chez grandma and grandpa yesterday. Not even that we’re already on our 3rd onesie today. Not even his fussy “I just need… Read more »