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who is like God?

The Hebrew meaning of O’Baby’s name, Micah, is “Who is like God?”. The Old Testament prophet reminded Israel, God’s chosen people, of this thought, and it is what my son has reminded me of repeatedly in the last 72 hours. God blessed me with a labor that was incredibly uncomplicated and progressed at a comfortable… Read more »


in the eighteenth hour

Because Nugget arriving before my laundry room walls were robin’s egg blue was entirely unthinkable. True to form, DanO’s family swept in and met our need this evening, inching DanO closer to the finish line in The Great Laundry Room Race of 2009. Around 7 o’clock this evening, three ready and able helpers arrived to… Read more »


the spu to my moni

While I’m wandering around the house looking for things to alphabetize, DanO is rapidly conquering the basement. Then, when he emerges from the basement, like so: (Sorry for the blur. Would you believe me if I told you that he never stands still? Like, ever?) I swoon. His forearms covered in sheet rock dust get… Read more »