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class act

So we’re not very good landscapers. Shoot, we barely remember to mow the lawn. DanO is so busy working on the inside of the house that we tend to neglect the outside. If the outside were fresh and sparkly and perfect, would it make me happy while I toil over load after odorous load of… Read more »


labor and de(live)ry

I will probably twitter about my labor. “Heavens to Betsy, you’re going to what?!“ Please don’t judge. We have loved ones spread throughout the country who I know want to be informed of the ons-goings of my womb and the Nugget it contains. I just haven’t nailed down how much is appropriate to share yet.¬†… Read more »


not me! monday

Dear God, Could you please let this be my last pregnant “not me! Monday” for a while? Amen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What are public assertions of our own embarrassing quirks and choices good for if not laughter? Also, if the laughter resulting from my “not” confessions is equal to or greater than the amount of embarrassment I… Read more »