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Uncle Sam gave me a day off of work today, and I wanted to pay his generosity forward somehow.¬†¬† I cannot grant you a holiday from work or children or basement remodels, but I can give you some happiness in the form of responding to questions. Specifically, questions about the jitter-inducing iced chai that I do not drink (as established on this week’s monumental Not Me! Monday).

No one is paying me to say this, although it would be nice and I would be interested, ::hint hint:: Starbucks*, if someone wanted to pay me to say it. Be that as it may, for now this comes from the bottom of my pregnant, caffeinated heart, straight to you:

For those interested in creating their own iced glass (or Nalgene bottle…) full of sweet, spiced, creamy heaven, I have six syllables for you.


Tazo (taw-ZOE)


Costco (CAWST-coe)


Three-Pack (three-pack)


You would do well to disregard the nutritional information, though.

Probably want to ignore the ‘valeur nutritive’ as well.

Especially if you drink it by the barrel gallon 32oz Nalgene Bottle.

* The Tazo Tea company is owned by Starbucks. In fact, it was purchased by Starbucks in 1999 for $8.10 million, which means someone over there has to have a penny to spare for a product endorising blogger, doncha think? Anyone know Howard Schultz’ cell number?

6 Responses to “pro bono”

  1. Danae

    Speed dialing as I type. Between Tazo and Seattle’s Best…Starbucks pretty much owns the bookstore customer base.

  2. Ran

    If I were Howard (and unfortunantly I’m not because I would totally send some Sbux love your way), I would refuse to have a cell phone simply for the reason that it might get out on the internet. That being said, we have corperate people come in all the time and I’ll keep my eyes out for you (at least until I move far, far, FAR away from coperate).

  3. brittney

    Whoo! Definitely sharing this one with my husband.:] And for some reason I was completely in the dark about Starbucks owning Tazo. But since you mentioned it, it definitely makes sense that it is sold in every Starbucks I’ve ever been in.

  4. Charisse

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is my favorite series of pictures from her 2 week Mexico trip with her daddy. Her and her cousin playing in this giant outdoor sink trying to keep cool with bucket loads of water.

    If I drank caffeine anymore, this drink would be delicious. Unfortunately, due to headaches and such, I do not. :-(

  5. Kelsey

    Um, you’ve found the key to my heart! I just finished my own, self-made gigantic iced chai! Although lately I’ve been jonesing for the slightly less glamorous/Starbucks affiliated Oregon Chai (wonder who holds the purse strings there?). Slightly different flavor, yet all types of delicious! However, the Costco three pack may just entice me to switch back! May I just say, chai is just enough caffeine to perk me up and get me through a ten-page paper and finance quiz (summer classes..blech) without leaving me up at 3 AM pacing my apartment and/or watching old episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It’s a beautiful thing.


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