questions regarding armageddon

When does the feeling that the world is going to end every time he cries go away?

In approximately how many weeks/months/years will I be able to go through the check-out lane of Target without being embarrassed that my totallycontentfivesecondsago child is now verging on hysterical?

Related: Why do people in the check-out lane of Target insist on staring at crying children and their parent(s)?

Can babies over-dose on kisses?

Is there such thing as ‘adequately prepared’ for how much a 7lb person will rock your world?

Why do I find myself resenting Pearl (our dog) lately?

Will we ever get into a rhythm, or should I just expect to have this guy attached to my chest constantly for the next year?

Why are Daddy’s arm so much more calming at 4am than Mommy’s?

How do you translate “Just close your eyes and go to sleep, for the love of onesies!” into Infant?

Why do people act like labor is hard? Labor is a breeze. THE FIRST 2 WEEKS ARE HARD.

Is it possible to love this little guy more?


Yes, my hair is pretty much in a constant state of frizz. Again, just keepin’ it real.

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  1. JenD

    I definitely remember being in a state if shock regarding how much time I spent nursing…I guess I wasn’t adequately informed as to the fact that well over half my day would be spent nursing. As far as Target goes, I’m convinced there’s something in the air that causes all children to go completely hysterical upon entering the check out line. Love the picture-you look awesome!

  2. Jennifer

    Great post! I remember those early days with both of my kids (Kayla is 4 and Zachary is 18 months, baby #3 is on the way). A routine seemed to emerge with both of my kids somewhere around 2 months or so. Yes, he will still be attached to your chest for large chunks of time, but the time passes by so quickly. When he is 6 months old or a year, you will be sad at how little you nurse and kind of miss it. My sister has cats and she went through a period where she did not want anything to do with them after both of her kids were born. It gets better over time. I think I have to agree…labor was a pretty finite amount of time – the first 2 weeks are brutal. I telll new moms that it is all about survival those first 2 weeks and then after that, you begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Take care. I enjoy reading your posts.


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