the scoreboard

I had set OBaby down for a moment to go heat up the dish of last night’s dinner which DanO had put in the fridge. We learned that if DanO, who has two hands in the morning, sets aside a lunch plate for me before leaving for work, my daily task of one-handed eating is made much easier. This particular meal was brought over by our doula last night and was everything a home-cooked meal should be.

Of course, as I was preparing to eat, OBaby¬† was doing his usual mid-afternoon fuss today. Nothing strong or loud, but sufficiently difficult to appease. I think he knows that today DanO isn’t taking a half day at work, and OBaby simply can’t stand the thought of not being in those strong arms until after 4:00pm.

Me either, OBaby, me either.

Never fear, though, I have been quite the astute OBaby studier these last 8 days and I happen to have some tricks up my sleeve for the mid-afternoon fusses. Taking a page right out of the motherly martyrdom handbook, I set down my amazing meal right where it was, snuggled OBaby into the Moby Wrap (all by myself! “Mommy wow! I’m a big…” never mind) and set out immediately to make our4 block loop.


This is my view when OBaby is snuggled in his wrap. I cannot adequately describe the joy this gives me, looking up his nostrils and all.

Determined for this to become an afternoon routine, and because what brand new mother doesn’t need copious amounts of fresh air to keep her sane, I walked the loop proudly, even stopping to show OBaby the construction equipment digging a hole for a scoreboard at the high school down the street. He dug it. (bahaha… I crack myself up).

This walk was exactly what OBaby needed; he was pacified before we left our front walkway.

Score: Mommy 1, OBaby 0.

As we rounded for home I was sure an angelic choir would be waiting there to greet me and bestow upon me the awesomest newest mom of the decade award for conquering the fusses AND setting aside my own dietary needs to do so.

Instead, upon entering the house, I found our oldest charge standing on the coffee table, snout deep in a plate of homemade spaghetti bake.

Pearl 1, Allison 0.

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  1. abby

    LOL! Dakota gets into our food if we leave it on the coffee table too! I can already see Pearl’s “puppy dog” face saying “sorry mommy…i didn’t mean to…”


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