walk humbly

Dear Nugget,

Can I just say that Mommy is so incredibly proud of you? You have excelled at your first ever task in life: multiply from one cell to billions. Impressive really, what you have become after starting out as a teeny-tiny little grain of rice that we got to see in November.


You were cute as a button then, too. And who would have thought that by your very existence, you would persuade Mommy to post a picture of her uterus on the internet for the whole world to see?

If that is any indication, you will have a very influential life.

Daddy and I have been talking a lot about the kind of life you’ll have lately and what we will do to help you. So far, no dice on getting him to eat more veggies in order to set a good example, but I’m working on it.

When you come home with us for the first time, you will see our BIG hope for your LITTLE life written on the wall above your crib. It reads like this:

What does the Lord require of you?

To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

-Micah 6:8

No pressure.

I should probably let you in on some other plans we have for you, too. Daddy is so looking forward to buying you your first tool belt so that you can help him finally finish the laundry room whatever project we’ve moved on to by then. You could learn a lot from him about Wirsbo plumbing and GFCI electrical outlets, even how to rebuild creepy, steep and unsteady basement stairs. It will be like watching Handy Manny, but live! Maybe he’ll even throw in the three Spanish vocab words he remembers from college.

Here’s a little preview:

English Word: hammer

Spanish Word: el martillo (“Ehl Mahr-TEE-yoh”)

Me? I’m excited to watch you learn about the world. I know you’re already a scientist in there; I feel it when you push on my bellybutton wondering to yourself “What does this thing do? Is this the exit button?” ::poke, poke::

By the way, if you could just cut some slack to that one spot on the left up by my ribs, yea, you know the one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I have so many books lined up that I want to read with you. I want you to learn about hungry caterpillars, sidewalks ending, and what happens when you give a mouse a cookie. This is what you get for having an elementary educator for a mother, I guess. My apologies, but we will be playing phonemic awareness games for a good portion of your early childhood. Consider yourself warned.

Also, if you could mark the first Friday in June of next year on your calendar as the date before which you will be walking, your uncle and soon-to-be-aunt would appreciate it. Not that ring bearers being pulled in little wagons aren’t adorable too, but Daddy kind of has high expectations. Walking. June 4. Save the date.

Speaking of dates… any clues you can give us? July 7th, your auntie’s birthday and a full moon? July 16th, your exact due date? July 17th, the day of the Harry Potter premier (although Daddy may be tempted to name you Dumbledore)?

Any insight you could share would be great, but I understand if you’re the mysterious type. Just, if you please, don’t be the habitually late type (like me).



3 Responses to “walk humbly”

  1. Cindy

    This just may rank as one of my favorite blog posts of all time. So adorable.

    And Nugget, I second the request for clues on date of arrival. Please remember that July 24-26 is not a good weekend. Thanks.

  2. Sarah Jo

    Yay for me making the blog!! I have been tempted to post so many times about all of the hilarious and adorable things that I have found myself captivated by on this ever so effective non waste of my day but I figure that my new title as soon-to-be-aunt deserves some sort of recognition as I am soooo super excited to be just that, a soon-to-be-auntie :)


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