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a quick little not me! monday

Before the crazy not business starts: I was thrilled last week at how many friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet) de-lurked themselves via comments and emails! You guys are the best and it’s so great to get to know you… including one of you that I had coffee with on… Read more »


you capture

I found a new blog. It is called folding laundry. It made me cry last night when I read the author Beth’s post about aching for the loss of her two little boys. I instantly went in and snuggled OBaby. This is why I love the blogging community. Someone can share something and it could… Read more »


but i bet he had a library card

The one thing I actually have had time to do for myself lately is read. I stick a book in the side of the rocker in OBaby’s nursery and I feed my brain while I feed OBaby. I’m on my third book so far, this one is titled “Einstein Never Used Flashcards”. The subtitle is… Read more »