like your father before you

Dear Nugget OBaby,

OBaby, OBaby, OBaby! I sure love your nickname. I hope you do too.

I didn’t notice it before my mom pointed it out, but you are a little string bean of an infant. Not that you’re particularly skinny, you definitely have the edible chub look going on, but you’re a long little one. Your feet already fill up the footies on your¬† Children’s Place snuggies (a MUST HAVE, btw Moms) and your long torso coupled with a cloth diaper makes you an interesting size to fit. Signs point to tall for you, kiddo. I foresee many more years of digging through jeans and khakis at Gap looking for a blessed size 31×34 in my future.

Because shopping for one gangley man wasn’t enough.

While I give him a hard time for being a picky eater not liking vegetables, your daddy sure can eat. You’d think the man were a full time father, career man, and home renovator with how much he packs away. This hungry hungry hippo gene definitely got passed down to you, OBaby, because you totally ignored the nurses at the hospital who said you should eat about every 2 hours and you have gone more of the ‘every 45 to 90 minutes’ route. And boy do we have the dirty diapers to show for it.

You’ve gotten many an “O wow, he looks so much like Dan!” from friends, family, and even our neighbors, but not until we looked through DanO’s baby book last week did I really see just how identical you two look. OBaby, I’m not going to lie. I was pretty much a womb donor for a cloning. It’s ridiculous.

Speaking of lying, OBaby, I have something to confess. You see, I’ve been lying to you pretty much everyday since you were born. Sometimes this warm feeling comes over me when I look at you (no, not my milk leaking… a different kind of feeling) and I’m overwhelmed with love. This prompts me to tell you just how I’m feeling:

“Micah, I could not love you more.”

But then the next day, I do. I do love you more which makes my statement yesterday untrue, as will be today’s statement come tomorrow.

I love you more every day even though it doesn’t feel possible.

I love you,


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