October 2009 Archives


none too thrilled

to be wearing the $1.50 pumpkin sweatshirt Mommy found on a clearance rack at Babies R Us. So what if it’s size 18 months? It was $1.50. Totally costume-box material. Happy Halloween from OBaby and family!


how to capture autumn

Ingredients: Sunny Fall afternoon, preheated to 63° Seasonally colored ring sling Cutest baby known to man Step 1: While sporting a poofy vest, strap on OBaby. Attempt to take a self-portrait before leaving on a walk. Fail, as usual. Step 2: After leaving the house, turn and capture your front door in it’s autumn attire…. Read more »


in between sizes

Once upon a time Three months ago OBaby religiously slept in these adorable little Gerber sleep ‘n play zip ups in the newborn size. Then we graduated to the 0-3 month Children’s Place zip ups. (I love their zip ups!) Now days (I’m suddenly aware that I’ve never typed that out before. now a days?… Read more »