pearl’s oral fixation

OBaby’s Soothie Pacifiers are life savers. He loves to suck on them, I love that they consist of one seamless piece of molded silicone, making them easy to wash. And seriously, how cute of a binky face do they make?

O so cute.

They are so great in fact that Pearl, the O My Family dog, has taken a liking to them too.


3 Responses to “pearl’s oral fixation”

  1. Elizabeth

    Joshua has that same shirt! and i am terrified of Fitz eating the soothies too! he already got the mylicon dropper!

  2. abby

    That literally made me laugh out loud! I KNOW Dakota will do that once we have kids because he’s gotten a hold of my nephew’s paci. A couple of years ago we gave him a dog chew toy in the shape of a paci and it was the cutest thing watching him run around with a giant paci in his mouth! Too bad it only lasted about a day before it was completely destroyed.

  3. Lindsy

    Oh how I do love a sweet paci-face. I love it so much my two year old still wakes up with one in her mouth every morning – precious! I feel certain our upcoming initial dental visit will be changing that soon. It happens too fast. =)


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