November 2009 Archives


the bigness of it all

I wanted my son to meet the biggest thing I’ve ever seen, and so I took him to the ocean. It seemed silly, really, to introduce a four and a half month old to the Pacific Ocean. He certainly won’t remember and he sure didn’t understand what it was that he was doing. He could… Read more »


as life and time progess

Coming to you from the great green northwest which, as these last few days have testified, is nothing like the great white north. It is always such a hoot to come back to your old stomping grounds after a long period away. (Speaking of being ‘from’ Minnesota: hoot? Did I really just use hoot as… Read more »


so far. so good.

Despite someone forgetting to set their alarm last night and waking up 10 minutes before our ride to the airport was to arrive… WE HAVE ARRIVED in Oregon! The Minneapolis airport was easy enough thanks to my ring sling. We packed in such a way that we had very little to carry. You know, besides… Read more »


you capture – food

I grew up just south of the border with Washington. I thought I knew apples. I was wrong. Midwesterners know apples. In fact, O My Family knows apples. Apple pie, that is. When O My Family does apple pie (as with most things) they don’t mess around. They are all out, 15 people’s hands on… Read more »