O My Husband’s siblings

I was a college freshman sitting at a table in Saga with DanO talking about his family who live in this land where it is cold in an ungodly way 5½ months out of the year. Apparently it was so cold one time his and his siblings’ school was closed. Something about the high being -17 one day in February?

“What kind of people live in a place like that?”

There were 5 of them, apparently. Two parents and his three younger siblings. All blond haired, blue eyed and Scandanavian also. We had been dating for about 8 weeks, I was DanO’s first official girlfriend (although people who knew him in high school will be quick to remind him of that one girl, I’m told I’m the first to actually have the title), and I was memorizing names and ages in preparation for a trip to his home for Fall Break. I was going to meet the fam for the first time.

Last week was the 5th anniversary of that first very, very nervous first meeting of my (unbeknownst to them) future family in-law, and it has been a wonderful 5 years. I’d like you to meet the three friends I now get to call siblings thanks to this lil’ shiny thing on my left hand.


(That fateful first meeting. I apologize for the 1.3 megapixel camera image. It was practically a millennium ago as far as digital photography technology is concerned.)


There is OBrother, when I first met him, he was in the middle of his high school career. He had grown up only 19 months behind DanO and had been his co-architect for many an art project, tunnel fort, and home-made explosive. Did I mention I’m excited to raise a boy, DanO’s son, no less? They’ve been attached at the hip since they could finger paint. These days they like to talk endlessly about operating systems, why one should take images in RAW format, and Stargate movie releases.

(Just another typical night with the OBrothers.)

And LittlestO. She was 7 at the “O My Family, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Allison” gathering, but now at almost 13 she is just as spunky and fun as when I first met her. She loves to create, whether it’s drawing, making cards or blogging about her adorable nephew, ahem. This girl, friends, this girl is full of joy for other people. Especially her nephew who, by the way, could go to the same school as his auntie LittlestO if we put him into kindergarten at the k-12 private school she attends for her senior in high school.

That is what can happen when you become a father at 22, folks.


Speaking of being a senior in high school, LadyO, the older of DanO’s two younger sisters (you may draw a diagram if needed) is about to be an O My College Student. Her senior year of high school is coming with all the necessary pomp and circumstance photo shoots that have become the American high schooler status quo.

Except, this is O My Family, where you don’t dare pay someone to do something that you (or someone you know, or you and the use of someone you know’s tools, or you plus all of the able bodied workers you know… you catch my drift) could do yourself. I’m sorry, how much did you say senior portraits cost?! Ho-lee Racket, and my parents thought it was bad 6 years ago.

So, I present to you the beautiful LadyO’s senior pictures, taken by Sir DanO himself.









They were a tight group of sibs before I came along and I am absolutely blessed to have been welcomed in by each of them (I think giving them a stinkin’ adorable nephew to play with hasn’t hurt either… but I’m, fairly certain they loved me before that). I love you guys!

5 Responses to “O My Husband’s siblings”

  1. Kara

    Love that it’s still called Saga (re: your first sentence) – nice little flashback for me. :) Great senior photos!

  2. Sarah

    I love this!! I just(as of October 23rd)gained a new–and my very first–sister-in-law. I am loving it so much, especially as I now have a big sister!! :) LadyO is beautiful! Tell DanO he did a fabulous job! Oh, and those senior picture costs? I totally agree. Thats why I hired my best friend!! :)

  3. Sarah

    I know I already commented on this post,but I just went to LittlestO’s blog and I love her header picture from your wedding! You look beautiful!! :)


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