November 2009 Archives


play date for mom

OBaby and his buddy O (which will go far to make this post confusing) are going to be best friends. His mama and I already decided. They have a couple play dates a month, and by play dates I pretty much mean entire play days. O’s Mama (not to be confused with OMama?) and I… Read more »


on our toes

At 34 weeks pregnant I was 2 cm dilated and having more than 20 Braxton Hicks contractions a day (why that cannot result in me having tight abs post-partum I do not know). Those ugly words ‘pre-term labor’ were uttered by my midwife, and tests and precautionary measures ensued. Clearly nothing became of all those… Read more »


i did not die

I am still here, still nursing a squirming baby, still changing diapers like it’s my job. It’s been a good start to a week here in O My Family, even though it comes after a sad and unexpected weekend. I’m still trying to kick the blogger blues, but while I’m here I’ve got a little… Read more »


dreaming in marriage

This matter has been on my heart lately. On my about me page, I jest: “Once upon a time I was going to be a journalist/international correspondent to France and spend my time traveling the world parler-ing Fran├žais. Now I dream of making and freezing my own organic baby food.” But I think I’ve done… Read more »