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and so it begins

I could be talking about receiving my first ever rude and judgmental comment from a complete stranger on my blog yesterday, but I’m not. I’m talking TEETH, PEOPLE. We have a visual on OBaby’s first tooth!* It’s teeny-tiny (so much so that no amount of effort on my part could adequately capture it with a… Read more »


365 days of love

I rolled over and cracked one eye open to peek at the time on DanO’s alarm clock. 5:14am There could not have been a more in between time. It was Saturday, and any time before 5 would have been absurd, but it was after 5:00. It was within the range of questionably reasonable times to… Read more »


real men use glue guns

(The following is a belated Halloween post. Because there weren’t enough out there already.) After 5 years of trying to get DanO to be something for Halloween, all it took was an office party for him to bend over backwards to make and wear the sweetest costume ever. (I see where I fit in.) When… Read more »


30 months ago

30 months ago, to the day, I woke up at 6:15am with a very, very upset stomach. I gave a $5 bill to my friends (who happened to be sleeping on my floor) and asked them to drive my car to a Walgreens to get me some pink yucky liquid for my tummy. Then I… Read more »