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I grew up just south of the border with Washington. I thought I knew apples.

I was wrong.

Midwesterners know apples. In fact, O My Family knows apples. Apple pie, that is.

When O My Family does apple pie (as with most things) they don’t mess around. They are all out, 15 people’s hands on deck, assembly line where everyone knows their job, mass scale production apple pie makers.

They buy bulk food items the likes of which I’d never seen. You’d think they were preparing for the apocalypse 2012, but no, they’re just making apple pies. 52 apple pies to be exact.

And I wasn’t kidding about the all hands on deck and everyone having a job on the assembly line.

There are apples to be peeled and cored.

Spices to be mixed

Pie tops to be fluted

Dough to be mixed and separated

Even babywearing mommy bloggers are given important jobs. Don’t ever tell me you can’t make 52 pies in 2 hours while wearing your baby. I am living proof. (Well, me and one or two or fourteen others.)

There was so much fun going on, so many jobs and people to watch, OBaby was over-joyed (before getting overwhelmed and needing a nap). I know that in two short years he will be dying to ‘help’ this grand production.

And what a tasty production it is.

A for Allison. Or maybe it was for apple. I’m not sure.


This is a you capture post hosted by Beth of I Should Be Folding Laundry (who I am so excited to meet at CUPCAKE ’10).

18 Responses to “you capture – food”

  1. brittney

    What kind of apples did your family use?! My husband and I are the apple pie extraordinaire(s) of both of our families (we actually have a pan of apple dumplins in the oven right now!) and we use granny smith. I have been too afraid to stray away from that sweetly-sour baked-in taste we get with the green. But perhaps – one day – we’ll be informed enough to venture beyond our lines and try a different apple.

    We also love to leave the skins on the apples when we make the pie. Our dumplin apples are skinless. :)

  2. Catherine

    What a fun way to get everyone involved in the making – I am sure you don’t need to encourage them to get involved with the eating!

  3. Mary

    Very impressive production and production pictures! You did a great job detailing each step and describing the operation. It was fun and informative from beginning to end!

    • AllisonO

      A very valid question! WE EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE. Ok, no. I wish. The families split them up amongst ourselves and then freeze them (uncooked). We can pop them in the oven at 375 for an hour – 1.5 hours and poof! Apple pie for the occasion: holiday, birthday, company coming etc.

  4. monstergirlee

    Wow! I hadn’t thought of the WA/MN apple connection, but they both do really well with apples. I lived in MN for 15 years, then WA currently.
    btw – what kind of apples are those?
    Great pics.

  5. Jade @ No Longer 25

    Wow that’s a lot of apple pies and wearing a baby too – impressive. The colour of the apples is amazing, they are one of the best things about this time of year. I feel an apple crumble coming on Friday!


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