December 2009 Archives


an open letter to BestBuy

Dear Best Buy, I wanted to let you know about the regrettable experience with your stores I had this past weekend. My husband and I were in the market for a converter cord that would connect my Macbook with a projector for a high school reunion slide show. The reunion was Sunday at 4:00. We… Read more »


because she is awesome

Her name is Megan and she is Sorta Crunchy (in fact, she’s more likely crunchy than not). She did a baby week over on her blog and dedicated an entire post about 4 month old sleep transition to OBaby and me. I love reading her because she blogs about the important things in life and… Read more »


best pics of 2009

In the spirit of new years, and because everybody’s doing it, I wanted to wrap up 2009 O My Photos style. Some things I’ve noticed compiling these pictures: Holy guacamole I take a lot of pictures. I scanned through 360 pictures and set out to pick the best 10. Instead, here are the best 37…. Read more »