best pics of 2009

In the spirit of new years, and because everybody’s doing it, I wanted to wrap up 2009 O My Photos style. Some things I’ve noticed compiling these pictures:

  • Holy guacamole I take a lot of pictures. I scanned through 360 pictures and set out to pick the best 10. Instead, here are the best 37.
  • The evolution of our photography is evident. We start with a point and shoot, move to DSLR with kit lens, and end with sweet awesome 50mm lens.
  • I remember thinking how impossibly big I was at 28 weeks (the profile shot below where I’m in a gray shirt). O how little I knew about what it takes to grow a human being inside you.
  • Just looking at the pictures of my pregnancy cankles makes my ankle skin quiver with fear.
  • As I put this together, I shed a total of 3 tears over how small OBaby used to be. Especially in that picture from the Daddy arms post. Siiiiigh.

This post is a labor of love. I hope you enjoy it!

windowslivewriterohbabydowelovetoshop-cd95img-0022.jpg[From oh baby do we love to shop!]

windowslivewriterohbabydowelovetoshop-cd95img-0026crop-2.jpg[From oh baby do we love to shop!]

windowslivewritergrowbabygrow-11502img-0086.jpg[From grow baby, grow!]

windowslivewriterolfeltsconquerorsofworldsandweekends-12b6fimg-0158crop-2.jpg[From you’re just that big]

gdiapers[From the dirty diaper debate]

img_2947crop1[From this too shall pass]

img_2957small[From omigosh omigosh omigosh]

windowslivewriteraquickupdatefromparadise-7a25img-3055small-2.jpg[From a quick update from paradise]

img_3142small[From a neat and compact little package]

img_3249small[From lately: a smattering]


[From nugget’s nature inspired nursery]

img_3389[From summer jams]

img_2753[From Pearl’s nine-to-five]

img_38891[From finishing]

img_3994[From finishing]

img_4139ecs[From because i will want to remember this]

img_42501[From in time for not my child! monday]

img_4323s[From the winds of change]

img_0319[From the birth story, part 2]

3791607061_01a797876e_b[From family portraits]

img_4688[From a family that hikes together]

img_4866[From it could light up the room]

img_4826[From daddy arms]

img_6299[From Auntie A]

wpid3649-IMG_6296.jpg[From koala bear love]

wpid4009-IMG_6819.jpg[From a mommy blogger’s night life]

wpid4019-IMG_6830.jpg[From a mommy blogger’s night life]

IMG_7098[From that’s what little boys are made of]

wpid4196-IMG_7189-1.jpg[From you capture – prayer]

wpid4275-IMG_7487-2.jpg[From how to capture autumn]

wpid4320-IMG_7183-1.jpg[From in between sizes]

wpid4465-IMG_7603-6.jpg[From houston we have rollover]

wpid4621-IMG_7763-4.jpg[From the bigness of it all]

wpid4839-IMG_7789-1.jpg[From last things]

wpid4685-IMG_7874-1.jpg[From that mohawk in the mirror]

wpid4917-IMG_7975-1.jpg[From morning mothering]

wpid4928-IMG_8074-1.jpg[From O Christmas Tree]

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve pushed a nearly eight pound human being out of our body without a drop of drugs in our system, and then we cried and laughed some more. It’s been a monumental year for O My family, and it is an honor to have you along for the ride.

Happy new year, friends!

17 Responses to “best pics of 2009”

  1. Sarah

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog! Thanks for sharing Obaby with us!! :)
    Have a wonderful,happy, cuteness filled new year!!

  2. Hyacynth

    Found your blog because through CupCake’10, and I just love the photos in this post! You had a wonderful year. Looking forward to meeting you next weekend. :)

    • AllisonO

      AH! I am so incredibly excited for Cupcake. SO. EXCITED. I also can’t believe it is next freakin’ weekend. Happy New Year and see you soon! Thanks for visiting.

  3. JMW

    I’m just a random person who came across your site and I want to say that I love your pics and your baby is GORGEOUS. Truly beautiful. So awesome of you to capture all of this for your family.

    • AllisonO

      Hi JMW! Thanks for letting me know you’re here… there is no such thing as a ‘random person’ :). It’s a lot of work some days, but I think you’re right, I am capturing it FOR MY FAMILY. You know, since I don’t have time to scrapbook anymore. I hope you’ll be back!

  4. Laurel

    Hi Allison, I love your blog. I am one of the few that stumble upon it. I love your little guy. He is so cute. I believe my little peanut is about 1 month 1/2 older. Anyway, I would love to know what kind of camera you use. Your pictures inspire me to get a better camera. Let me know:) Thanks! Laurel

    • AllisonO


      First, I love your name. If OBaby had been a girl, I would have loved to name him that, except that it sounds ridiculous with our last name: Laurel Olfelt [enough L’s much?]

      Second: We have a Cannon Rebel XTi with a 50mm fixed lens. I think our total investment was $700 or so, and worth every penny to document our lives in such a easy, pretty way! Best of luck with taking pictures!

  5. the Spunky Stork

    Okay, I really have to say that I tend to stumble on baby blogs and websites here and there… I have a baby clothing site, so I have to “do my research.” But I have NEVER had such an enjoyable time looking at pictures of people I don’t know! Your baby is too freaking cute! And the “daddy arms” picture – too much. Loved it. Love it all!

    • AllisonO

      What a fun job! Both the baby clothing and the ‘research’. I happen to know a pretty cute baby and an amateur photog if you ever need product pictures ;).

      Thanks for stopping by!


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