morning mothering


I feel like wearing this mother suit is getting less uncomfortable and foreign everyday. My new 9 to 6 (midnight to midnight?) is becoming so much more my style, and not because of changes in my job, per se (although along with my baby, my job is always changing). It slowly but surely doesn’t feel like I’m trying to wear pants as a shirt anymore. Might I even say that it’s starting to look flattering on me?

I think this is what they call a ‘groove’.

Around 5:00am, OBaby wakes and needs to eat. He comes into our bed and I cuddle and feed him, half asleep. He stays there, nestled under my arm (and sometimes still latched on) until about 8:30am, when he wakes for the day with the most beautiful, huge, smiling eyes I have ever seen.

Hi Momma. What are we going to do today? Have I shown you how I can grab my toes? Look!

We lay in bed for 20 minutes or so while I shake of the grog and usually nurse him more. He is such a talkative, snuggly joy in the morning. Once his tummy is full and happy, he tells me all about “ahooooaaah” and “:spittle sound:”.

After a diaper change, we have my favorite part of the day. We play on the floor and he will roll and scoot around for about an hour. I get right down there with him and take exorbitant numbers of pictures make faces at him or clap for his accomplishments. Usually the toy bin comes out and we pretty much go to town.

[As I write this out I am realizing that Three Years Ago Allison would probably read this and think “How boring.” Funny thing is, Today Allison is writing this and thinking “How awesome.”]

When floor time isn’t cutting it anymore, I put OBaby in my ring sling and wear him around the house as I get some things done. I will pull the mail out of our box and hand him an envelope to crinkle until it is nearly unrecognizable. As I wash the dishes he will hold and gum a (clean) spatula. Even doing the laundry is loads of entertainment for him.

:snort snort:

Strapped onto my hip, he’ll start to yawn and rub his eyes. I’ll stop what I’m doing and take him into his room to snuggle a bit, read a couple books, and then he will fall asleep while nursing. I gently lay him down for a nap.

While rolling around on the ground with him; as he is chatting up a storm laying in bed next to me first thing in the morning; when I’m feeding him in the stillness of his nursery and he is holding my shirt with a drowsy hand; there are dozens of moments in a given morning that remind me how well my mother suit fits.

And how wonderful it is that I get to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.

10 Responses to “morning mothering”

  1. Mandy

    aw, this is lovely! it is crazy how these tiny people change us. and this? “It slowly but surely doesn’t feel like I’m trying to wear pants as a shirt anymore. ” what a perfect way to describe being a new mom! seriously.

  2. Erin

    Would it be cheesy for the boys to have matching outfits at Cupcake10, because you know Tommy has that same outfit? Actually, do I CARE if it’s cheesy?;)
    Beautiful picture. Mornings are my favorite.

  3. Kristin

    You have SUCH an adorable little man! Our first is due in May and reading your blog gets me even more excited for Mommyhood. I love your honesty about the ups and downs. Keep up the awesome work! :)

  4. Ashley

    HI! I’m Ashley. I found your blog through top baby blogs :] Your son is just so stinkin cute! I’ve been reading through your posts. I love that you are so honest about everything. I don’t have any kids yet.. we hope to wait a couple years..then again anything can happen and were not in control, God is. So I guess we will see!

    Hope you have a great christmas

  5. Kelly @ Love Well

    So true! Slowly but surely, the new clothes start to fit. Or maybe we morph to fit our clothes. (Sorry. Too much sci-fi.)

    What a beautiful description of your mornings.

  6. Dagmar Bleasdale

    Oh, how wonderful, you breastfeed and you baby-wear. I miss those days of Landon being this little! Thankfully I still get to nurse him; there is nothing better than a sleepy little child with drowsy hands :)

    LOVE your blog, great pictures.

    Dagmar’s momsense

  7. Jen

    It just seems that you start to stress over something silly and then they flash that absolutly heart melting smile and it makes things all better! It reminds you that there are only a handful of “hard”times compared to all the GREAT times! And it is all so worth it!


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