O My Christmas

O look! It snowed here in O My Family land!

PS: don’t you love how the sky is always blue here? Me too.

Now that our home is decked, I figured it was appropriate to decorate my blog for Christmas too. You know, family first!

(Either that or DanO and I didn’t get around to designing a Christmas theme until now. (I’m not telling you which one is the real story.))

I don’t know if it’s the Christmas season, just getting back from a vacation, or the recent slight upswing in OBaby’s sleeping habits ::knock on wood::, but I have felt refreshed this last week.

Refreshed enough to do ambitious amounts of cleaning and decorating around the house.  Refreshed enough that I don’t feel like snapping at my husband around every turn. Refreshed enough that we’re tackling this night time thing with some consistency, schedule, and boundaries.

We stayed up until midnight last night putting the finishing touches on our red, white, and lime green Christmas tree. Something about having our home seasonally decorated makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something this week (SAHM says what?). O! And our Christmas cards are ready to be mailed. That’s gotta be at least 28 points for productivity for me this week, right?

But more than anything external this season that leads me to feel refreshed and accomplished, I want to focus on this:

“And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth.” Luke 1:14

Regardless of my circumstances (and/or sleep deprivation) may joy and gladness be mine, in light of His birth.


12 Responses to “O My Christmas”

  1. Kelly @ Love Well

    I just have to tell you that we decorate so similarly, it’s freaking me out a little. I’m all about the ornaments and the colors and the sparkles. It’s GORGEOUS! (The blog design is spiffy too.)

  2. Corinne

    You know, I just put away all of our breakable glass balls… normally I use them to fill vases like you’ve done, but I wans’t feeling up to it. Now I might have to go dig them back out, you’ve got me inspired, lady!

  3. Hannah

    So I completely forgot to call you on your birthday! I hope it was a great day! Your house looks very nice and Christmasy.

  4. maegan

    I forgot to leave me email for the Divine give away – here it is maeganclarkdesign at comcast.net

  5. Johanna

    Can you come and decorate my house? (That is if we ever find one) I love your style….simply love it! And your baby is adorable!


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