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keeping things interesting

I would like to warn you of the obnoxious color scheme that will pervade this post. No one in the baby activity center industry has consulted me for color advice so I really can’t take responsibility. I would have definitely gone more of a teal and chocolate route. ~~~~~~ When he first started batting at… Read more »


Christmas tour of homes

Way back in October I remembered hearing about the Christmas tour of homes hosted by The Nester, but by the time I had successfully decorated my house for Christmas while holding a squirming baby on my hip and having to stop to breastfeed after hanging every third ornament, I was too dang excited not to… Read more »


from our family to yours

This year’s Christmas card. The picture is already totally outdated because of OBaby. Thus is the nature of infants. The back, complete with itty bitty family letter. Please don’t tell me how lame it was to plug my blog on our letter. I swear it was not in the interest of shameless self-promotion. Cross my… Read more »


say hello to my little friend

To start off this post, I feel like I owe an apology to two people. First, Jennifer, because she tweeted about telling herself that she did ‘not need’ a Cricut last week and I pretty much feel like I am saying “nanner nanner poo poo” to her with this post. The invitation stands, though, Jennifer…. Read more »