a lot of ‘not’s, only some ‘me’s

Ok, ok I know that last time I did a Not Me! Monday post a few weeks ago it was about the ridiculous lump of cash we forked over for a new rug (Have you rug shopped lately?! I need to start making area rugs and get in on that racket!) but this time I’m going to highlight just how frugal I can be when the mood strikes.

You should probably start out by knowing that I am not usually so cheap about hair treatments that I go to various local cosmetology schools for my appointments. Plus it’s not like I’m only willing to pay to get my hair touched by a professional like 3 times a year, or anything.

On Friday I was flipping through the channels over nap time and saw a local celeb and the owner of a ritzy salon chain here in the Twin Cities talking about a promotion that his company was doing this weekend. They were supporting and restocking the local food shelves by offering free haircuts to clients who donate 3 cans of food and $10-$20.

A $10 super awesome haircut from a fancy super awesome salon? I so did not call to book my appointment before the segment on TV was even over. In typical fashion, I called Mrs. Flipping Couple (aka Cindy) to see if she wanted to get her hair did for cheap too. Not that she’s also stingy when it comes to beauty budgets, or anything. We coordinated appointment times and carpooled (O man, we are SO FRUGAL I can’t even STAND IT).

Upon arriving at the salon, I did not throw a gown over myself and my bruple skirt and then shamelessly snap a picture in the dressing room mirror.

Say “Hi!” to the sexy Fabio-haired guy over my shoulder.

{Hi Fabio haired guy!}

The appointments began as to be expected, consults, swivel chairs, yummy smelling hair products.

At one point, though, I looked over my shoulder to where Cindy was, and what did I see in place of the stylist holding scissors to her hair? I did not see the salon chain owner himself, going to town on her sassy red bob like a true artist (he was not making very focused facial expressions). “That’s totally the guy from TV!” I thought.

Yes, the owner of all 8 salons was not cutting her hair! In other words, Cindy was not receiving one of the most expensive haircuts you can probably get in the Twin Cities FOR $10 AND 3 CANS OF FOOD.

{No, he does not have a mohawk.}

I did not ask permission from my stylist to scurry across the salon to snap a picture of Mr. Hair Himself working his magic, because that would have been really awkward. He was not totally cool about it and did not strike a pose for me.

For the rest of the time, though, I was not sitting in my swivel chair receiving my plain old normal hair cut thinking “NOT FAIR! I’m the one who invited HER!” (Which did not remind me of the time I went to a wedding expo and invited a friend to come along and then said friend won the door prize raffle for a $300 pearl necklace and earring set [HI CASS!].) Why do these things always happen to me?!

Anyway, in the end I did get over my haircut jealousy enough to take an after picture in the dressing room mirror.

{Hello, creeper, over-our-shoulder, sexy-haired Fabio guy!}

21 Responses to “a lot of ‘not’s, only some ‘me’s”

  1. Mama23Bears

    love the cuts! wish i would have seen that segment. i would drive that far for a fab haircut. remember, i live in the middle of nowhere here!!! now i’m a little jealous!

  2. Cindy

    Ha! You got awesome photos! I’m still laughing about the whole thing. : ) Thanks for being awesome and inviting me on all your adventures!!

  3. Michela

    Hi Allison!

    Nice to meet you as well! Thanks for the lovely comment, I love meeting new friends in blog-land, and apparently we have some real-life friends in common too, how fun!

    What a great story, I am so jealous! No one but my momma cuts my hair, but I would definitely make an exception for a cut like that!

    • Michela

      Oh this is just too funny…

      I was clicking through your blog, and I think I know your husband! Was he homeschooled and did he ever attend a co-op called ESCHEL? If not, I am just a crazy woman but what a small world!

      • AllisonO

        Uhm, yes he was homeschooled for 6-8th grade, but I could not tell you for the life of me what his co-op’s name was (or wasn’t). If you guys do know each other, I blame it on the Christian mafia. Seriously. Everyone who grew up in the church knows EVERYONE ELSE. 4 degrees of separation, max.

        • Michela

          That’s so true. It’s such a small world! He probably would remember my brother more- Iain. Too funny!

  4. rebecca d

    A super cute haircut, a girls day out and doing something for charity… wow… what a fun way to spend a day… (minus the creepy “fabio” dude poster!)

  5. Sarah

    I love your haircuts!! You both look so beautiful! And no,you’re NOT the only one “those things” happen too…I could tell you a couple stories of my own! ;)

  6. Seth

    First awesome haircuts and a great deal!
    2nd…I feel weird reading a mommy-blog sometimes. But then I remember…oh it’s just Allison.

    3rd. “Why do these things always happen to me?!” It’s because you always take the last piece of cake/brownie etc… =P


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