DIY baby legs

It’s crawling boot camp around here. We haven’t quite figured out the forward motion thing, but boy are we trying hard.

Watching my little one army crawl his way around our living room has made me want to keep those edible little knees protected but still dress him in less restrictive clothes. Baby leg warmers came to my attention as a great way to protect the soon to be crawling knees from hard wood floors, make diaper changes a breeze, and keep little chunky thighs nice and warm, all without getting in the way of progress.

Except, O My Budget Breakers, that’s a lot of money for a little bit of fabric. And aren’t they pretty much just knee socks without feet, anyway?

Yes, yes they are. So, one nap time this weekend, I decided to take the feet off of some knee socks  and make some O original baby leg warmers. I bought some knee-highs in boyish patterns at Target. Then, while OBaby was sleeping, I did this:

{I cut the feet off of some knee socks.}

{I realized that I was totally going to score some crew socks out of the deal. I put these away in my sock drawer.}

{I turned the tubes inside out and ran a seam about 1/2 inch from the cut side of the sock.}

O, and I was done well before nap time was over. So stinkin’ easy.

Et voila, I had 6 pair of baby leg warmers for the cost of one.

Please don’t be intimidated. I’m not a very skilled sewer. My seams aren’t perfect. In fact, even if you don’t have a sewing machine you could definitely make these with just a needle and thread. You might not finish 6 in one nap time by hand, but each pair really only needs a few inches of sewing and it would be totally doable. I’m still amazed at how easy these were to make and how adorable, cheap and functional they turned out!

I tried to get a good picture of a pair on his legs, but…

the boy

simply would not



42 Responses to “DIY baby legs”

  1. brittney

    Wow. Seriously. What a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing! I never would have thought to do this! And I have a great desire to see my boy in baby legs. This post made my day!

  2. Ann's Rants

    You are so smart. I am so bitter that I missed out on this trend in babywear. I think AlmostSix and Three might be a wee upset if I forced some on them now.

    So adorable.

    And that post title is hilarious. In case your baby didn’t come with any…

  3. Mama23Bears

    love it! as soon as the roads are driveable again i am going to target to see what i can find! why,o, why do i not think of these things!

    • AllisonO

      They had a lot of options at my local store! A heads up: I preferred the Merona brand ones, they seemed a little thicker than the Xhilieration ones. They were $6 and change for a pack of 3! Good luck!

  4. Sara

    Such a wonderful idea! Can I ask what size he is into these days? I’m a little worried they will be too snug.

    • AllisonO

      He’s wearing some 3-6 mo and some 9mo. And he has legs that just don’t quit. Seriously. His rolls have rolls.

      • Sara

        Well very good. My nephew is in size 12mo, I don’t want them to pinch his legs, but still want them to stay on!

  5. Jen

    I LOVE these! I bought a couple pairs of the baby legs for my daughter for Christmas, except I bought the Target brand and they were only $2.99 per pair, and I love them over tights for under skirts or just around home anyday! But the adult sock idea may make them wearable for longer periods of time too! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Kelly @ Love Well

    Thus begins the period of blurry photographs, which lasts from approximately six months to three years.

    Now for the real question: Does he leave them on? And do they protect his chubby knees?

    • AllisonO

      So far yes! He leaves them on. Socks, not so much, but he hasn’t bothered with the leg warmers yet. So far so good on the chubs protection, too.

      My favorite part is how they tuck into his leg rolls. OTHECUTE.

  7. Laurel

    I brought a whole bunch off of etsy.com @ Knotty Babywear. I just brought some recently off Babysteals.com got 3 of them for $15. Oh Plus, I got 2 for $2 each @ Marshall’s. I love them. I always put them under dresses or when we are just hanging out at home with a long sleeve onesis.

  8. Elaine

    Allison. I don’t think you understand what you have just done for my life and my baby’s. I bought a pair of baby legs at Target and I love them but I’m going to NEED more (we have ALL hard flooring in our house and I’m worried about when she starts to crawl). This is totally awesome. I will be buying some crew socks this week. I love you.

  9. McKt

    Love this! I’m just about to post on how he cannot keep regular Baby Legs up over his chubby thighs. Maybe these would stay up better. Usually the sewing machine and myself don’t get along, but maybe I could do this.

  10. Jacquelyn

    Yay!! I was planning to order some of these expensive things to go along with my beco (that is ON THE WAY!!!!!!!) and now I can afford a bunch! PERFECT PERFECT! I got more ideas on how to use them too, thank you.

  11. Abby

    It seems easy enough to make, plus thanks for mentioning that it can also be done with just a needle and thread.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ruth Martin

    Good for you to do this . I was doing this years ago for my kids. We were too poor to buy the kids leg warmers so I made them out of knee socks back in the 80’s wich the knee socks were cheaper than the leg warmers,lol! . Recycle re – use re – wear to a new style.

  13. Amanda

    Baby leg warmers are my new obsession! I love how easy they make diaper changes =] Thanks for showing how seriously easy they are to make for cheap and how cute they can be for BOYS! I may be blogging about this myself later this week. If I do I will link back to your site.

  14. AWare

    I love this, I have a baby girl with chubby legs and they work great. I did add a ribbon ruffle to the bottom to add extra cuteness.

  15. Laura

    Socks on sale @ Target right now… Only $2.50 a pair. Thanks for this great idea. I will be making three pairs this afternoon for my little one she crawls like a soldier in the trenches and uses her toes to help push herself around. Now I can keep her legs warm and she can have easy access to her feet to put them in her mouth of course. Lol

  16. Emmeline

    This is great! I really just needed some knee covers to go over little ones leggings when she’s crawling around the floor – they can get quite dirty. I was trying to find where I could purchase some when I came across this site, you’ve given me an awesome idea; I’m going to cut the heel part of the sock off – this will make the perfect knee cover to go over her clothes! And the remainder of course, makes leg warmers – genius! Thanks!

  17. Christi

    How did you finish the ankle socks? I actually had this idea but am stuck on the ankle socks.. I’m afraid if I just cuff the top it will not be strong enough to stay up and slip down easily.. :-)

  18. Nikki

    I have done the same thing except if you cut the heal and toes off the foot part and fold it in on its self and sew it to the unfinished end of the socks it will give it a little cuff on the bottom to keep it from falling on to his feet!

  19. Jasmine

    What size do you buy? I want to make some for my niece who is not born yet, and some for my 5 month old. Thanks!!! These are super cute! I saw some where they sewed a ruffle on the bottom part, there are sooo many thing’s you can do with this!

  20. mindy

    adorable kid, adorable idea!! im about to go search the house for knee socks. ill probably go buy some more later today. i dont think it matters that im not pregnant yet. ill thank myself for being prepared later ;)

  21. JoAnn

    Wonderful i wanted to buy leggings for my granddaughter for crawling so she don’t hurt her knees on the rug…Tomorrow going sock shopping…Love the idea .


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