I wonder…

…how many people have been converted by having hateful things about their religion said to them.

Just sayin’.

8 Responses to “I wonder…”

  1. Sarah

    I can sure relate…
    So sad, but interesting to understand that we have all likely been persecuted for what we believe. I still feel persecuted for some of my beliefs because they aren’t socially popular. BUt whatever, I don’t care if I am popular, I care if I am right with the Lord and I will not run away because of silly people.
    I <3 Jesus.

  2. Ryley

    Oh no.. Was someone mean to you? I’ll kick their butt if you want me too! :)

    That being said, I often wonder that on my own. I think we (as Mormon’s) understand where you are coming from so much.

    Makes you wonder.. right?


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