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for you, for humpday

This video is, sadly, 2 months old now, but I don’t care and I’m sharing it anyway. Like Snickers, it is guaranteed to satisfy. (Name that 90’s song reference!) When I look into my future, I see copious amounts of man grunting, à la Tim Allen in Home Improvement.


brown paper packages tied up with string

Getting to eat my breakfast of granola with a banana on top in a quiet house while OBaby naps. Unexpected, for-no-reason-other-than-I-love-you flowers from DanO. Kissing my baby’s neck as he erupts in giggles. Calling up a friend and being out to coffee with her no more than 20 minutes later. A candy bowl filled with… Read more »


there will always be more

Dear OBaby, You were born seven months ago today. You would think that after seven of these month-birthday letters (ok, I think I forgot one somewhere in there) I would run out of things to say about how and why I love you, but I have not. This month, sweet boy, you are downright playful…. Read more »