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the fiercely analytical need not apply

It has been painfully apparent to me lately that parenthood is rife with irony and irrational circumstances. I say painfully apparent because few words describe the night of sleep we didn’t have had Saturday better than painful. OBaby’s Nana was with him for the evening and bedtime that night, and since we haven’t quite figured… Read more »


a productive saturday

It was taxes day here at O My Family, and someone was a little jealous of all the time Daddy was spending in front of a computer screen instead of flying him around the house like a rocket ship. That same someone totally gave us a sweet tax credit along with a deduction because we… Read more »


a little tour of ye old blog

Dear Sweet Readers, There are dishes piled in my sink. My breast pump is sitting happily next to me on the couch in the living room. The clean plastic cups (I know, so ungreen of me. See: dishes in sink) from last week’s party are still sitting stacked in the dining room. When we could… Read more »


from across the room

The jury is out on whether or not that is technically crawling crawling, or if it’s just army crawling. Feel free to take a vote in these here comments. Just be sure to side with me, mmk?