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changing sheets (and other excitement)

Some days I am caught up in “O My Neediness, Child! If I am always holding you, how am I ever going to get anything done?!” But other days, all that matters is that the one thing I am able to get done (or partially done) was so much more enjoyable because of him. OBaby:… Read more »


obla dee, obla da

Life goes on. Even though I was anxious (as usual) about how OBaby would do during our Super Bowl party yesterday (which spanned one nap time and bedtime), in the end I had no reason to worry. And many reasons to be happy. {Copious amounts of dip} {Marjorie‘s ridiculous lemon-filled coconut cupcakes. I die. Ok,… Read more »


and got a MacbookPro out of the deal

One of the more ridiculous stories I’ve ever told on my blog begins like this: My husband can fix ANYTHING. Remember the time that my computer up and died? Well, after buying my shiny new Macbook Pro, my old laptop went upstairs to where technology goes to die: DanO’s office. I don’t mean that he… Read more »


the face of Jesus

When I began student teaching  in the fall of 2007, I set out mentally for a semester filled with my own learning and formation as an educator. I was prepared to stretch myself by creating varied lesson plan formats, applying strategies to increase literacy and phonemic awareness, and accommodating all learning styles in what I… Read more »