a week of books

It was Tuesday of last week. OBaby and I had just returned home from baby story time at our favorite local children’s bookstore when it hit me:

It’s high time I blog about books.

We love our books. We love to suck on them, crawl over them, pull them out of Mommy’s hand when she’s trying to read them, stop Mommy from turning their pages because we want to look at the pictures longer, and just generally heart spending time with our books.

Sometimes, when the toy baskets (you know, the ones that are actually nice décor baskets that we keep the baby toys in so that our living room doesn’t look more like a day care than it has to?) aren’t cutting it for entertainment value during an afternoon drag (the time between the last nap and when Daddy gets home), I go to the bookshelf in OBaby’s room and grab an arm load of books. I dump them out on the living room rug, and we pretty much go to town.

This particular Tuesday after story time, I filled our living room with books that are as close to infant proof as they come (although ample amounts of baby drool can give even the most indestructible board book a run for it’s money) and OBaby and I had a good literary romp.

So I’m sitting there, among books that have become some of my favorites of all time, many of them books that I learned about in college when ‘Early Childhood Lit’ was just a class I took and not something I practiced everyday, and I’m thinking, “I want to share the amazingness of these books with my friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet).”

Yes, my thoughts have parentheses sometimes.

I’m a very complicated girl. Can you imagine trying to get inside the head of a girl whose stream of consciousness uses punctuation? Poor DanO.

I’m sorry, where were we?

O, books! Could there be a better topic for the first ever O My Theme Week?! That’s right friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet), I officially declare that this week is:

O My Books Week at O My Family!

O look! I’m not the only one excited! The plan is from here until Friday I will be posting about books, all sorts of enjoyable, colorful, creative, meaningful books. I could not be more excited!

But that’s not even the best part. (Cue infomercial voice over: “But wait! There’s more!”)

Books are meant to be shared. I mean, aren’t they? Libraries? Read-a-louds? Story time? The act of sharing books is almost as cool as the books themselves. So this Friday, the last day of O My Books Week, let’s share some books together, shall we? What books do your munchkins like (to chew on)? What was the book you used to read at bedtime every night? What little-known book should all families have on their shelves? We want to know!

This Friday I will post (my first ever) MckLinky (fancy bloggy term for list where you can add your own url) where we can all share some books together by linking up to posts on your blogs about books you love! Write a post about book(s) and come back here to share it with us! There really aren’t any more rules than that. They don’t have to be kids books (although all of the ones I’m sharing will be), any book you want to share will be just lovely.

I’m not going to lie: announcing that I’m going to do a MckLinky has produced a knot in my stomach that rivals the one I had when asking Skyler to the Sadie Hawkins Dance my freshman year of high school (to which he said ‘no’). I’m kind of putting myself out here on this one. I risk having an empty, unloved MckLinky on my site come Friday and the resulting effect to my self-esteem wouldn’t be pretty.

I’m kidding.


Just don’t be like Skyler, ok?


31 Responses to “a week of books”

  1. Stephanie

    I love reading your blog, you make me laugh everytime. I am excited to read about all the wonderful kids books out there. We have several & my girls favorites are Fancy Nancy!

  2. Jenn

    Oh cute! Oh how fun! I so want to participate! I won’t be one of the ones with children’s books, but I still want to play… :)

  3. Jacquelyn

    Yay for O My Books Week! Here’s to lots of links!! I just got rid of about 50 from our bookshelf. The Lord must have known I was about to get a bunch of new ones!!! LOL

  4. Shannon

    I’ll be participating!! I know quite a few awesome awesome AWESOME kid books too, so mine will be mostly kid books too :) FUN! And I took children’s lit in college too.. fun class! I hope I have a daughter some day so she can read Junie B Jones & American Girl with me. Is that weird? Yes? :) haha.

  5. Charlotte

    Theme weeks are fun! I just finished a “carb week” on my blog. And you picked a great topic for your first theme… books are the best.

  6. Mama23Bears

    i would be happy to link up! we love books here!! all of us! you should have a week dedicated to what pic of obaby is your readers fav. or our favorite romper! i would have a hard time choosing but it’d be fun!!!

  7. katie

    books! books and puzzles = best childhood entertainment ever. some of my favorite photos of me as a kid (is it narcissistic to have favorite pictures of yourself?) are of my toddler self sitting surrounded by books that i’ve pulled off of every reachable shelf, and the accompanying photo an hour later, diapered bum in the air, sound asleep on a mountain of books. =) i’ll definitely play along with the linking thing, but i must admit i don’t entirely understand the concept…

  8. Cassie

    Ok, I normally just lurk and don’t ever leave comments, but I’m a big fan of the the blog, and
    I decided that today I had to post a comment! I’m really excited about this–I’m a Children’s
    Librarian and I also have a 4 month-old little girl who I have loved getting to share all my fave
    books with, so I will for sure be participating!

  9. Cindy Aguilar

    I love books!! I just wrote about books last night!! I will try to participate in your McLinky post also :)! Reading is a great thing, I am excited to see my daughter playing with the book like Obaby is!! Soo cool!!

  10. Ryley

    YAY! We LOVE books.
    We are at this awesome age where Miles is so content to read books by himself. I adore it.
    I would love to do a post about our favorite books.
    McLinky will not be lonely.. PROMISE!

  11. Jess

    Sounds adorable! I love books. I’m concerned about how many I have! My poor baby is going to be overwhelmed. My picture book collection fills two rubbermaid storage bins (the big ones, for Christmas decorations).

  12. Tara @ This Military Mama

    I think this is going to be great! I’m always peeking at other parents bookshelves to see what they have. I used to read like 7 or 8 books a week as a kid. My dad was awesome at shelling out the dough each week to buy me as many books as I wanted. My hubby and I want our kids to be big readers too so bring on the books!

  13. Stacia

    My daughter is currently hooked on an old Maurice Sendak book about a little boy named Pierre. Who gets eaten by a lion. It scares me; I’m not sure what the appeal is for her! But every night we read it (and she still sleeps). Maybe that will be my post for Friday … Fun!

  14. Sarah

    Oh my word,this makes me so excited!! I love childrens books! I still think the more pictures the better. You can count on me to be there for your first ever Mcklinky! :)

    ps Where did you get the outfit for OBaby? I love it!

  15. melissa

    you are so darn cute. seriously. i must meet you some day…maybe at one of those conferences if i can ever get there:) i will definitely link up friday…you will not be alone:):)

  16. Michelle

    No worries dear. I’ll definately link up! I wrote a post a while back about bedtime stories and how how library of bedtime stories was lacking. A week later, we had bedtime stories! My husband read my post and surprised me with a book subscription! So no, I will not be like Skyler. That Skyler doesn’t know what he’s missing, but I bet DanO is grateful!

  17. brittney

    What a fun theme week! When we found out we were expecting, almost our first purchase happened to be a few books that my husband and I read a lot in our childhood.

  18. melissa

    hi, just a question, do you know how i can make a button for my page? sorry, i didnt know where else to post this

    • AllisonO

      Hi Melissa! Do you mean how do you design a button for your own blog, or how to you grab our button and put it on your page? If it’s the latter, you just highlight the code/text in that box below the button and then paste it onto your page in a post or a side-bar widget. I hope that helps!

  19. shelley

    Ooooh, BOOKS!!! Hardly anything makes me happier. My 15 month old is obsessed with his lately. It’s a beautiful site. And my 4 year old is a bookaholic too. I was just wanting to do a book post. So, no worries, you won’t be left unlinky-ed. =)

  20. Mary @ Parenthood

    Yay! Books! We’re all about the books. We recently went to Toronto with two and came back with thirty. Yes, 30… Okay, so 26 of them were alphabet books but still!

  21. Cameron

    Books, schmooks. I mean, sure, I have an English Literature degree. Sure, I read constantly. That is not at issue here. What IS at issue is…

    Where the heck do I get one of those awesome full-body sweater suits? I’m serious. I want one. I WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR.

    Solve that for me and then I’ll talk about some books. :)

  22. MrsEAM

    Hooray – this will force me to actually write a blog post! My blog is so sad I never have time to post. But I’ve been wanting to do a books I love (and therefore my daughter will love too!) series. Thanks for the motivation!

  23. Dawn S.

    Allison, I have determined that if we met in real life, we would be friends. You are hilarious, you inspire me, and I, too, often punctuate my thoughts, for which my husband usually gives me the “I love you, but you’re crazy” raised eye-brow!


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