in which I ruin all illusions of keeping a clean home

Good grief my kid is into everything. Well, I mean, I’m sure it could be worse but I feel like there is already a lot of adventure packed into OBaby’s little 15 and a half pound body. And I don’t mean adventure like the time he gagged on his hand and threw up all over our table at the neighborhood Italian place we had walked to for dinner last night…

although that was an adventure.

[Related: You would think I would have learned that there is no such thing as a quick, predictable trip out with a baby that doesn’t warrant the bringing of the diaper bag. You.would.think.]

I’m talking about the adventure that I didn’t even know was already laying around my house. I just had to lay down on my stomach in the living room to notice it. Dog food bowls, for example. Endless entertainment. Springy door stops have been known to provide mommy with a chance to pour and scarf down a bowl of cereal, too.

But you know what else is adventurous on an epic level? Dust sweepers that Mommy has run under the various pieces of furniture then leaned up in the corner momentarily.

Did I say adventurous? I meant dirty. And gross. And something that no good mother would ever willingly let their child play with so that she could finish vacuuming the area rug (irony for the win!).

What’s that? A clump of dust on the back of my baby’s head? Hey. I’ll take dust bunnies over diaper cream any day. Or at least for now.


A little post-post shout out to my dear friend Janell who got engaged this weekend. I am so darn excited for her!

Love you, friend!

{She’s on the far left here, a picture taken outside Wicked in Chicago during my bachelorette party circa 2007.}

14 Responses to “in which I ruin all illusions of keeping a clean home”

  1. Tiffany

    The dust bunny is killing me..seriously. That is so funny. I cannot imagine what Bubbette’s hair would look like after such an adventure…I feel like I am slowly covering every inch of hardwood with pricey rugs to keep from sweeping. I have convinced myself that to vacuum is much easier. Oh-vey.

  2. Kelly @ Love Well

    I love the dust bunny on the back of the head. Hysterical.

    Get ready for some fun times, Allison. I have a feeling OBaby’s mischief lurks right behind that sweet smile.

  3. annemarie

    Whatever works, my friend. Lucy’s just hit the same “I WANT EVERYTHING!” stage and I am going crazy. Right now.

  4. Sarah

    If OBaby could speak…first picture: “O dear,whats this laying on top of me? What did I get myself into?”. Second picture: “hey,this is kinda fun! Why not just lay here for the next 2.5 minutes then see if I can get into the trash can!!” :)

    Congratulations to Janell!! I love weddings!

  5. Alison

    I LOVE LOVE that outfit, dust bunnies and all! I’m sorry to report that my 4 year old son still gets into every single thing possible, usually in the name of ‘helping.’ Best to keep laughing about it!!

  6. Ran

    Yay Janell!! That’s very exciting. Ah, Wicked and Bachelorette party. Good tmes.

  7. Eliza

    It should be noted…at least you’re not using OBaby as a floor duster. I mean, major props right there!!!

  8. Mandy

    I have two boys, and I can safely tell you that dust, dirt, mud, bugs, and gooey sticky anything are just everyday accessories for boys!


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