O My Book Week: I Love You Through and Through

I might have cried when he gave it to me, my very first ever birthday present from my son:

The book I Love You Through And Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak.

After those first months of doubt, those hysterical crying in the car seat days, those up every 2 and a half hours nights, those I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself moments, this book was my go-to activity.

I would sit in his room and read it to him, but also read it to myself as a reminder.

“I love your happy side,

your sad side,

your silly side,

your mad side.”

And I do. I love him through and through. In the laughing and the crying times. I love this book for its ability to  articulate that to OBaby and remind me of it all at the same time. The illustrations are adorable and laughable (in the good way) and it is just one of those warm fuzzy reads.

This is by far the most special book on our shelves.


Guess what! Now it’s your turn! I cannot wait to hear about the books you love. Go ahead and add a link below to your blog post about books, I only ask that you link back to O My Family somewhere in the post. That’s it! Have fun!

31 Responses to “O My Book Week: I Love You Through and Through”

  1. Jenn

    Those pictures of OBaby’s faces are precious! I just can’t help but think how grateful you will be that you recorded all of this down in one place. Thanks for having Book Week! This has been most fun! :)

  2. abby

    Those pictures are so cute! I love the close up with the big texas sized tears! But that last picture is just priceless. You need to frame it. I love how intent he is on that book. What a little sweetie!

  3. shelley

    We love this book too! Matthew, my now 4 year-old, loved it as a baby. My 15 month-old, Nolan, just got obsessed with it this week. They both have Teddys that look just like the one in the book. Such a cute book. And, of course, your corresponding OBaby pics were adorable!

  4. Angie

    Ha ha! Such cute pictures. That’s one of our favorites too! My girls have loved imitating the faces the baby makes in the book. :) Isn’t it cute? I’m excited to see what books everyone else likes! (I added to the MckLinky!)

  5. Shannon

    This post makes me want to cry. I feel like I’m tearing up a little. Seriously.. It’s amazing how much love a mother has for her child.

  6. Sarah

    I don’t think OBaby has ever looked more like you then in picture where he’s crying. Can’t I please just borrow him for a little while? :)

  7. BeckO

    Hey there.. I am a somewhat recent follower of your blog. LOVE it! :)
    We too are an O’House with an adorable O’Baby (girl). And this is one of our favorite books! I read it to her every time she sits still long enough to make it past the cover. :)

  8. Shannon

    Allison, where do you buy OBaby’s books? I feel like some book stores like B&N or Borders are waaaay over-priced. Do you ever get them on Amazon? Or do you know of a cheap bookstore chain? Help! I especially love board books, but I refuse to pay $10+ as most of them are!

    • AllisonO

      Hi Shannon,

      IF we buy at B&N or Borders, we always ALWAYS use a 30% off coupon. We’re both signed up for their emails, so sure it adds some junk to our inboxes, but the coupons do come pretty regularly.

      I also bough a bajillion books at the book fair and from the book orders when I was teaching. I’ve found a few at HomeGoods and/or TJMaxx in their kids section for good prices. Specifically, we got most of our Eric Carle ones there. Lastly, online: Half.com has some FABULOUS deals. We get a lot of grown-up books there used and reeeeally cheap, and even their new books are great prices.

      Good luck, Shannon!

  9. Stacia

    My newborn daughter gave me My Mother is Mine by Marion Dane Bauer for our first Christmas together, and I sobbed as I read it the first time, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. O, the healing power of books!

  10. katie

    obaby’s sad face just made me melt. those big eyes! those sad little tears! you are a blessed woman indeed. =)

  11. Julie

    Aww…I love this book too. I have read it to all my kids. They read it to eachother now. So sweet. And…the “sad” picture of Obaby is so sad. He is such a sweetie.

  12. Tara @ This Military Mama

    Your son makes me so excited to be a mom to a little boy! Seriously, the pictures you put up make me can’t wait until my son is here in my arms and I can take cute pictures of him with me, my husband, and my daughter like you take cute photos of your son with your family.

  13. brittney

    I thoroughly enjoyed book week! Do you plan to do another!? Sorry I didn’t participate in Mr. MckLinky this time around. :(

  14. Michelle

    I absolutely adored “I Love You Through and Through”, I feel it’s one of those must have books for every child! My oldest son has the cardboard pages warn and I desperately need to replace it, the “original” copy will be placed in my oldest son’s “treasure box” for safe keeping.

    If you get a chance check out Karen Kingsbury (“Let Me Hold You Longer” is one of my favorites), her children’s books always have me in tears by the end.

  15. Michelle

    Aww, those tears make me want to cry too.

    I love that book too! Such a sweet little book to remind my boys that I love them no matter what! This is a great series! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  16. Mama23Bears

    I loved all the books you shared this week. Some we’ve read, others just went on our library list. It is such wonderful, special time to sit down and read to a child. I hope that many more mamas and papas will take the time to snuggle there kids and read. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  17. Mama23Bears

    O, and please don’t EVER SHOW ME A PICTURE OF OBABY WITH TEARS! my heart broke a little and I just want to cry myself:( NEVER again, mkay’?!

  18. emily bilbrey

    he is just so darn beautiful! i had the biggest smile on my face looking @ these photos. what a lovely little family you’ve made! you’re all so stinking CUTE! great post, made me haz a happy. cheers!

  19. Jody from Mommy Moment

    I appreciate you leaving a comment on our Mommy Moment blog. I’m sorry if you were offended by our post. We had readers asking us specific questions which we aimed to answer in our post. I left you a reply in the comment section. I hope you will come by and check it out.
    Congratulations on being #2 on Top Mommy Blogs. (You have a beautiful family).

    Jody from Mommy Moment

    • AllisonO

      O, I certainly wasn’t offended! Just a conversation I like sharing the other side of. There’s SO much out there defining blogging success that I think it’s hard for a lot of us to see through the popularity contest goggles and recognize it as first and foremost a creative medium of self-expression and community.

      I’m so glad you came by, Jody! Your blog really is lovely.

  20. Dawn S.

    This is my son’s favorite book too, and I love how he giggles when I read “your silly side!” to him. He loves it so much that we may have to invest in a new copy for any future child(ren) we may have since our #1 is wearing it out so much!


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