that’s called a ring tailed lemur

Right now O My Family is somewhere over Bismark, but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures from our trip to the Minnesota Zoo on Monday.

Would you believe it: OBaby clearly enjoyed himself at the Zoo? I’m pretty sure I go places like the library and baby story time for my own sake most days, but OBaby really actually dug this outing in his own right. How do I know, you ask?

First of all, the flamingos. I mean, has there ever been a goofier looking animal? The way they teeter on just one of those seemingly unstable twiggy legs? Completely laughable. And you know what? That’s just what OBaby did. He looked down at the precariously perched pink plumed pack and he giggled! That goes on record as one of his first ever laughs not solicited by an adult making a complete fool out of themselves.

But it wasn’t the last. Not but 15 yards from the flamingos sits the gibbon island and as we were standing there laughing at the pink birds, a gibbon began to swing playfully from branch to branch. Once OBaby caught site of him, the laughing continued! O the joy!

And then there were the fishies.

(I take back the part about the flamingos being the goofiest looking creature.)

On the other side of that baby cheek outline is an O so big smile.

The fish tank wall was our very favorite. He just stood there, leaning on the glass and making friends for the longest time. DanO had to support him eventually because he was so excited that his little body was squirming and tensing and we were afraid he would topple over.

As we went to bed Monday night, I whispered to DanO, “This was my favorite family day yet.”

But I have a feeling it just keeps getting better.


Update: So, we were not actually over Bismark at 4:30am when this auto-published. Also? A.m. is not the same thing as p.m. Sorry for the amateur blogger mistake. Cheers.

15 Responses to “that’s called a ring tailed lemur”

  1. Melissa Moss

    It really does look like you had a fabulous day. Isn’t it so wonderful when your child gets to the stage where they can show total bliss for things outside their everyday environment. It’s a great new stage in his life. I love all the photos. Especially the one where he is smiling at the funny looking fish. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shannon

    is that a newish sling i spot?! what kind!? :) your family is soooo cute! i LOVE zoos too, so i understand why OBaby loves them – they’re so much fun! can’t wait to do things like this with my own family!

  3. Elizabeth

    I love these pictures! And I love the carrier you’re wearing OBaby in too – so pretty! I just got an Ergo, and I am in love with it! Was that what DanO was wearing in your last post?

    I can’t wait to take our little man to the zoo. Aren’t they getting to be so much fun?!

  4. Charlotte

    That picture with the fish/OBaby/Dan is hilarious. I like how you caught the fish in there, making such a goofy face.

    p.s. I like the shirt you’re wearing in shot #1!

  5. Tiffany

    I love the Zoo – i don’t know about the Minnesota Zoo but here in Ohio – we are Zoo freaks. We have four major Zoo’s in a relatively short distance and they are all amazing! Buy a membership…seriously…the have the most amazing events. He is adorable!!!

  6. Mandy

    Yep, the zoo is such a fun trip with little ones! Just wait until he can point out all the animals and make their “animal” noises all by him self!

  7. shelley

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the zoo! It’s my favorite place to take my boys. The year my oldest was two, I took him at least once a week. The giggles and looks of pure wonder never get old. At 4, he still loves it. And, at 15 months, my youngest giggles and points and makes it o so worthwhile all over again!

  8. brittney

    How precious! I adore his response to the flamingos. I may have to use this post to convince my husband to take a family trip to the zoo. He’s never been in his entire life.


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